Friday, September 5, 2008

My New Kitchen--(or, where my life is now!!!)

This is where I spend my mornings, noons, and nights!! These, of course, are chafing dishes--gives a new meaning to a "stainless steel" kitchen!!!
This is the "project" board. It holds jobs for a week at a time, and when that day is finished it is erased. This shows Sat & Sun jobs I have. Today we prepped all the salad stuff for Sat--100 people both days, three salad choices each day, cobbler each day and bread each day. And all delivered by 11:00 tomorrow morning!! Needless to say, I was on my feet ALL DAY today!
Here's my new office! I used to have a rather professional looking office at the school, but I have to say, I like this one better!!
All the dry goods & the ice maker! Lots of staples, lots of seasonings. But we have to replenish quite frequently!!

I'll stop here. I have some more pics to share, but right now, my feet are throbbing and I just want to recline on the sofa!! Hubby is at the home opener football game, so I don't even have to talk to anyone!

And would you believe I'm having Cheerios for supper!!! Hey if Seinfield can so can I!!!

Have a great Friday evening!

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tommie said...

Let the fun begin!

I didn't have a pantry in this house so those are the shelves I had installed in a mongo coat closet.