Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Poor Boomer!!!

This is Boomer--you have seen him here before; he's one of my furry children. This picture was taken before Boomer became OCD!!! He is now on anti-anxiety medicine!!
Now, Boomer hasn't always had emotional problems. He began his life with a family of 3 children & two big dogs; they were sent to Japan by the Marines, so Boomer went to live with my daughter & son-in-law. This was all in North Carolina.
When son-in-law was sent to Iraq for the second tour, daughter moved home with us. He traveled from NC to Tulsa via airplane. And he became my cat (child). That was 2 years ago, and he has been just perfect.
Then, this August, he began pulling his hair out--stomach, back legs, front legs, tail. We gave him a few weeks, then took him to his Dr. Boomer received a cortisone shot in case it was allergies. He checked out perfectly elsewhere. The shot worked for a few days, then the pulling began again!
So, after consulting with Boomer's Dr., he was put on the medicine this Tuesday. He absolutely HATES the pills--it's quite a sight to behold-me giving them to him. And I'm afraid he will start to hate me!!! But Dr. believes after a week or so we will see a difference. And also, that after hair grows back, we can take Boomer off meds.
Now, I have had cats all my life (many years, trust me!), my dad & aunt passed this gene to me! And in all my cats & years, I have never had this happen.
So--friends--if any of you have had this happen, please relate your stories to me. I'd like to know that "this too shall pass".
I love, adore, Boomer & I want him BETTER!!!!
Thanks for listening!


tommie said...

I am not even a cat person, but that just made me sad.....I hope Boomer feels better soon!

Kari said...

Well I don't know about an OCD cat, but I do know the vet told my daughter-in-law that her Yorkie had "behavioral problems". lol

Bless little Boomer's heart - I hope he recovers soon. And I'm not laughing at him or you, I'm laughing WITH you both. Really. Come on...I heard you snicker. Didn't I?

Chery said...

I am a big time animal lover. Sorry to hear about Boomer. I hope that the meds work for him. Chery