Wednesday, December 5, 2007

I'd Share!!!

So the picture isn't so great, BUT, thanks to those dear blog friends who posted comments to my whining!!! Just knowing someone took the time to read and then reply makes me feel so good!!!
And what a difference a day makes---funny how things always work out; we still love, laugh and live; we forget what was hurtful and look ahead; we want to have the good in life, so we ignore the stupid!!!
Blogging has put me in contact with new friends, and tho we haven't personally met, I feel a kinship with you guys!!! Well, all but Penny, and I have met her, and I do love her !!! More than a kinship, more like a "soulship" (love to make up words)
However, Phyliss---we will definitely have to take you with us to eat one of these days!!!
And, Kari, I'm not toooooo far from Texas that a road trip might be in order for me & Queenie P one of these days---after all, she has a son in Dallas & I have a dear cuz in Houston!!!
Anyhoo---life really is good. Hard sometimes, but good---there's always someone else with more problems, troubles, pouts than me. And usually those people come into my line of sight when I'm having a pity party!!!
So, dear blog friends, thanks sooooo much-------you make me smile & shine!
And, I would share my ice cream with you!!!


tommie said...

glad you are feeling better is amazing how much a day makes sometimes.

Phyllis Renée said...

Yes, isn't that crazy?! One day can be absolutely horrendous and then the next is completely the opposite. I've decided it's the time we sleep between the two that makes the difference. That's why when I'm having an especially hard day I'll take a nap. When I wake up things are usually better. (Ok, so I usually take a nap everyday. But on the really bad days I take a really long nap :o)

Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

Hey don't toy with me - you keep talking about "road trip" and I'll expect to see you down here before you know it. lol

Glad you're feeling better about life in general. Just wish you hadn't mentioned ice cream. Braum's is sounding pretty good all the sudden and I really don't need that kind of pressure. Still...a hot fudge sundae...woo-hoo!

Merry Christmas!