Friday, November 2, 2007

So, This Is How It Is!

This was supper--banana & peanut butter sandwich. I was sitting here thinking (dangerous), back (way, way, way, way back), when hubby & I were engaged. I remember thinking that life would be perfect. I would always fix dinner; the house would always be clean; the kids would do whatever we wanted; we wouldn't age; we wouldn't ________
And now, it's banana & peanut butter sandwiches! And dear hubby is at he local football game, where he runs the time clock at home games. The house is a mess--no really, A MESS! And the kids, well, they are at an age that we don't know what they do!! But, they didn't always do exactly what we wanted. Still don't!! Didn't want Ashley taking my grandson & moving. Didn't want Alex to have to suffer through divorce. Didn't want them to grow up--but they did!!
We actually did age! A friend & I were visiting at a high school graduation reception when we looked over and noticed our husbands in conversation. Our husbands grew up here, graduated together, and were considered "hotties" in the day. They are now both paunchy, balding, harder of hearing, and not too keen on staying up past 9 pm. I laughed and said, "Think we should warn the graduating gals that this is what happens to the hotties?"!!!! We had a good laugh at that. Boy, how did we know that time would go by so quickly?! And yet, when I think back on how much we've said & done, how many we've known & said goodbye to, how much we've worked & stayed at the same place-----time went quickly slow!
Enough contemplating that. Darn that banana & peanut butter sandwich!! I don't know what it contains that took me back. Maybe it's the fall season.
On to better & more uplifting things. I got a call today from the convention center in a local community (of 30,000, so not a massive center). The gal who is in charge of the facility reservations knew of my catering (??), and took my information to pass on to a church that is booking an event in April. She said she would probably be calling me alot---hmmm. I'm not getting my hopes up til the deposits come in, have had things fall through, down & out before, but still---it's promising. Keep your fingers crossed for me. Maybe I'll be able to take this catering thing to the next level before I qualify for social security!!!
Well, Reba is on TV--I love, LOVE those reruns. So, I'm going to say good night you all. Bye Bye. Sleep well.

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