Monday, October 29, 2007

Well, I Meant To!!!!

Got through the rehearsal dinner on Friday night--I meant to take pictures of the display to show here & to use in a flier--notice the "meant to"!!!

We got there and people had arrived wanting hors d'oevuers!!! So we had to set up in a hurry!!! We sat out the guacamole, salsa, white queso along with tortillas & chips, and the drinks, and it looked like a convention of locusts!!! BUZZ they devoured the food!!!

But that gave us time to set up the dinner without anyone hovering over---and it was a hit!!! I always make my own salad dressing (unless different is requested), and had lots of good comments on it. In fact, one of the guests begged for the recipe. She even offered to PAY for it!!! hee hee I didn't make her, I just glady obliged!!! But the guests loved all of the food, and a few even asked for business cards, so I consider that an over-the-top success. Especially since it was in the higher end area of the city!!!

Funny part was, the host made margaritas, and as the night wore on, I don't think some even knew what they were eating!!!

I did see my ex daughter in law. It was quite civil--even friendly. We spoke, talked a bit & I gave her a hug--want her to know what she is giving up !! She made a point of telling me good bye, and I could see she was hurt. I don't know what issues she is dealing with in her life, but I am keeping her in my prayers. She obviously doesn't know what she wants, or which path to take in life. She really needs to get into a church based group for support and help. Enough of this!!

Halloween is around the corner, and as I LOVE HALLOWEEN, I can't wait. Baby doll Hank is coming for the evening, the church is having Trunk or Treat, and I am preparing hamburger stew for the workers. Hank is too young to go treating, so he'll dress up and hang out with me. Can't wait!!! We can see all the goblins together.

Gotta go to the real job, in the real world so have a great day & I'll be back!!!


tommie said...

So glad everything went well.

Yeah for sharing the recipe. Some people crack me up when they don't share.

Sweet Remembrance said...

Sounds like a wonderful party!
It was nice of you to share your recipes...some people don't like to!
Have a wonderful day...

Phyllis Renée said...

I'm so glad the evening was a success and you might haves some new clients in the future.

Have you thought about bottling your salad dressing for sale?