Tuesday, November 6, 2007

It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!!!

Ahh--this is the street in my town; this is where I shop and meet all my friends during the holiday season; this is where we go for hot cocoa and gingerbread---NOT! But isn't it dreamy??? And wouldn't it be great if this were our town???
I actually received the first gift that I ordered online in the mail today--Fisher Price!!! There is nothing so fun as shopping through magazines and toy store fliers!!! Remember the wonder as you shopped for your want list? I remember we always got the Spiegel and Penny's Christmas catalouges in the mail. My brother and sister and I would spend hours purusing the pages, listing item after item we wanted from Santa. Didn't matter one iota if we got something on the list or not. Christmas was always wonderful--
Does anyone else remember Otasco's Christmas television ads? The ones I refer to were on in the mid-60's and featured a little elf named (I think) Tom??? I loved the commercials for toys!!! I also loved (and still do) all the Christmas specials on TV. Remember the King Family Christmas??? Dean Martin & Frank Sinatra combining families for a Christmas singfest??? Charlie Brown's Christmas, Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer, Frosty the Snowman, How the Grinch Stole Christmas??? All the cartoon versions--weren't they the best??? After my kids grew up, I used to watch them ALONE--but now!!! Now I have Hank to watch them with. And to teach about Christmas lists!!! The wonder has been rejuvinated!!!
I still hang stockings for my kids--as long as you believe~~~ And I don't care one bit if it reeks of secularism. As strong a Christian as I am, as spiritual as I am, I LOVE SANTA and all the other fantasy people of Christmas---And all of the excitement surrounding the holiday.
I was in Hallmark Sunday and there were ornaments replicating "A Christmas Story"--you know the one "You'll shoot your eye out"! So, my son in law (who loves that movie) is getting the "leg lamp"ornament--it's foreign--from Fragile!!! Oh I love this time of year.
One of my favorite things is to find special gifts that represent what someone likes and play to that. Things someone else might over look. All year long I make lists of what my family & friends mention they like, what their interest are, etc. It's quite the game with me.
Well, enough about that.
I hope all of you are approaching this season not with dread, but with the enthusiasim of childhood. Slow down and make cookies--drink hot cocoa. What gets done, gets done. What can be attended, so be it. Just slow down and enjoy!!!
Happy Days Ahead!!!


queeniep said...

And to think I live right there across the street. I hope my house is the one with the big porch and I can put my new rockers on it. Oh, can you get me two cocker spaniels, you know the ones I want Rhett and Scarlett. hmmmm Oh, wait its a dream! But i do have two rockers, you are my neighbor, we drink tea and coffee together,we share good and bad, and we share eggs too. What a Wonderful Life on 15th St.
Have a good day in your special place. Dont have any thunderstorms, I made Christmas crafts all evening...
Tootle loo

Phyllis Renée said...

You have just about thawed out this Scrooge's heart. Not that I don't love Christmas, I just hate all the commercialism. Securalism doesn't bother me so much as the merchandising. I mean, good grief, they put out the Christmas stuff in the stores before it was even Halloween!!

Sorry, I think I'll have to read your post again to cheer myself up.

Kari said...

I knew we were kindred spirits! ha This is exactly how I feel about Christmas, too! I love all the sparkle, the wonder, the happiness...and the best part of the gift giving is trying to find "the perfect gift" for someone. My bestfriend prefers to give gift cards. That's just the worst thing, though. I hate giving money and I hate giving gift cards and I hate giving gift certificates (unless they are for Happy meals! lol). I think the gift giving should be SPECIAL or it's just not worth doing. Although, in all fairness, I have to say she always picks out the perfect gift for ME (she knows how much I dislike the whole gift card thing). She always knows just what I like and what I've been hoping for (maybe that's because I'm always whining about stuff, though, come to think of it. ha,ha)
Anyway, let's not get into that. I just wanted to say I LOVE THIS POST! It's THAT time of year and I'm so flippin' HAPPY about it! lol