Thursday, November 8, 2007

I AM Smiling!!!!!

Whish! The days are just running by--at warp speed. Don't you feel it too??? It's November 8 & Kari @ Just Livin Large, keeps reminding us how many days til Christmas and I AM NOT READY!!!

Anyone watch the CMT awards last night? I really like this music, and have just figured out why---the country music of today reminds me of the "southern rock" of the 70's--well, sweet home Alabama---I'm right at home with this. And those guys are soooo cute---not that I'm paying too much attention!! But that Brad Paisley and John Rich can get my attention! Love those songs--Somewhere Between Raisin Hell & Amazing Grace. Now that sounds like a song I live to.

Not too much happening around here today--and that can be a good thing. Shopping with sis & daughter on Saturday; birthday dinner for dad, sis and son in law Saturday evening. Then Sunday--Hafli Dinner. A local church, St Anthony's Greek Orthodox, hosts a Lebanese dinner at this time each year and it is YUMMY!!! Cabbage rolls, tabouli, baklava, and other things I can't spell.

Tomorrow is payday---yea!!! I'l have a dollar's worth of change again!!! Means I shouldn't call in sick--I really wanted to cause I'm so behind at home, but on PAYDAY????? No way!

Tonight is "put away things" night. All the Halloween decor is sitting in the middle of the dining room table. Folded clothes are also there and in a chair next to the table. Magazines strewn hither and yon!!! Shoes, shoes, shoes, just the two of us at home, but shoes, shoes, shoes in every room--how did that happen???

Gotta run--just saw the time & it's time for the shower ---"wash away my troubles, wash away my pain, with the rain of Shambala" Who remembers that song?????


Phyllis Renée said...

"Hither and yon . . ." My Mom used to say that. Think it's an okie term?

T*mmy said...

Hi...thanks for the visit to my site this magic ball (Sitemeter) told me you were there ;)
My Hubby's payday is tomorrow so I can't wait. Sometimes in this economy I wish I had a good job!

Love your blog and marking it for future visits, I hope you don't mind!

Have a great evening!

tommie said...

Did you get the halloween stuff put away? Mine is in the garage is the color coordinated Rubbermaid bins, but I have yet to get it to the attic. thing I do is take a pic of the areas that are decorated. I put that pic in the bin of those accessories....seems like most years I do the same things....maybe adding just a bit more or less. I also add any ideas I have pulled from magazines for next the end of the seasons clearance sales happen....I can add to those bins! It is a madness I know!