Thursday, August 21, 2008

Oh My Gosh~Oh My Gosh~Oh My Gosh!!!!

In a sea of happy, smiling faces, I am the one anxiety-ridden! Everything has been happening soooo quickly--I haven't really taken all this week in.
Today, one of the current (until 9/1) owners called me and wanted to meet and go over some "concerns" she has. So I went. And I came away with a knot the size of the Grand Canyon in my stomach. I was actually ready to pass out!
She hit me with all these questions--"whose going to be in charge of which dish"--"whose going to help you deliver"---whose going to be in charge of bread, and who of salad"---"you know, you are going to be sooo busy you won't have time to breathe" AAHHHGGGG!!!
I didn't need to hear that ALL AT ONCE!!! After all, the two owners are staying for 4 weeks to show me the ropes! And, after all, even tho I am a quick study, I DO have to learn this--not just the way I'm used to doing things, but the "norm" for them.
I finally said, "you know, the first couple of weeks we'll need to take orders slowly, so I can get the rhythm down" and she agreed. But she really made me start doubting the choice I have made. And it's really got me by the throat!
So, keep your fingers crossed for me. I need to make this a go. I don't want to go back out into the world of papers and adding machines!!!
Then she said "do you think your mother can keep up and handle this" Now that just made me antsier! I think she can. She's pretty darned efficient. But why was this gal (who is 75) questioning my decisions??? I know that after a month or two I'll have to find someone else so Mom can have a couple of days off a week. But that just really got me.
Ok, my heart is racing again, and that knot is coming back. So I'm going to close for now and calm down. Just keep those fingers crossed!!!

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tommie said...

Sounds like she is checking all those p's and q's.....while you are looking at the whole picture. I am sure things will fall into place. You know this type of work and can do it.....maybe a bit slower at first. But that will just want people want you all the more!