Friday, August 1, 2008

Dog Days of August

Happy August 1st!!!! The summer has flown by and now the very, very last of it is here. And it's HOT!!! and HUMID!!!! Reminds me why I like spring!!!

Speaking of "hot"---we had a "hot" little time last night! We went with Penny & her hubby to see a production of "South Pacific" put on by the church they attend. "South Pacific" is one of my favs--love me some musicals!!--and this was delightful! I really like local plays--if you let your imagination go, you can sit and imagine you are right there on Broadway!!! Anyway, the BABA did an excellent job! The songs of "South Pacific" are so familiar--I almost sang along. But, I restrained myself (for the benefit of all others attending) and just tapped my foot.

Before the play we had dinner at one of the all time best pizza places around---Hideaway Pizza! Yummy! It's strictly an "okie" business, so you'll have to come to Green Country to try some, but hey! it's worth the trip. They have all sorts of pizzas with quirky names. Penny had "Pizza of the Gods"! Moi? Just good ole pepperoni!!!

Ok now--put your thinking caps on---Do you know why it's referred to as the "dog days of summer"???? It refers to a hot, sultry time. A time of lack of activity. Guess the "dog" part of it is due to the fact that one just wants to lay around all the time. But that's rather unfair! My dog still wants to go out and chase the ball or take a walk--it's ME who wants to lay around. Perhaps a better phrase would be the "slug days of summer" or the "sloth days of summer"!!! I think dogs across the nation would appreciate the fact the name is changed!!!

Ok, yes, it's early, and yes, I didn't get enough sleep last night, and yes, I am rambling! I think the heat has definitely affected me! I can't sleep well, can't think straight, and earlier this week a co-worker and I had a MAJOR spat! It ruined my day, her day, and made the workplace quite tense. It's ok now. But you know, I just hate it when I weaken and react to what's going on around me! Especially when it's sooooo trivial. Don't you think I could blame the heat? Temporary insanity!

Enough rambling---obviously my life is quite mundane this week! Maybe I'll have some excitement this weekend that I can share with you. Or maybe I can get my thoughts straight! Either way, have a great August 1st!

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