Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ohhhh Nooooo!!!!!

Oh my---here it comes!!! The holiday rush!!!!
Anyone else out there feel it?????? My house is a horrid mess---the decorations are not up-----the shopping is not done----catering is piling up------and I want, want WANT to enjoy this season!!!!
Add to that----I'M CONSTANTLY HUNGRY!!!!!!! Wake up hungry, go through the day hungry, end the day hungry-----STRESS MAYBE??????
It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!!! I think the person who wrote that was in the funny farm at the time. We listen to all these songs hailing the perfect Christmas, see magazines portraying the perfect holiday season, watch the HGTV specials showing how "easy" it is to make your home perfect for the season-----dear Lord, who are these people and where do they live????? La la land???????
AND--family gets extremely creative with their jabs and insults this time of year. Tried to "just suggest" a help to my mom yesterday and she BIT MY BUTT!!!!! Thank goodness we were on the phone! Otherwise, I think I would still be bleeding. And, of course, I'm more sensitive this time of year--could be the lack of sleep! And, dearest hubby comes home from work with that "kill" look in his eyes!!! Add that to the fact that he doesn't hear as well as he used to and it makes evenings so much fun!!! You try managing stress with the TV at earthquake decimal level!!
Ok, so I'm feeling a bit stressed this morning----just wanted to let those out there (who haven't reached perfection yet) know that I'm here holding the flag over the fort of "Good Grief, This is a Hard Season"!
AND, now I get to go to work at the office --- and smile when asked to do "just one more thing"!
Hey you guys----have a great day!!!! SMILE, it'll make em think you have it under control!!!!!


queeniep said...

Okey Dokey! I think maybe we need to go to Maggie Moo tomorrow night and have an ice cream or to Starbucks...
I cant tell you to slow down, because I know you have so much to do, but I can help stir a pot, or take a cake out of the oven or put foil on something! No, you dont want me to frost a cake. hahaha. Thats a whole other post. right
Anyway, wake up on Friday, pray and take a deep breath and know that you and God, with a little help from you friend will get through this time.

You will be in my prayers tonight when I go to bed, What a great time we had tonight. Got some goodies too!

Phyllis Renée said...

Hey, there's these gizmos that you hook up to the tv that helps the hard of hearing to watch tv without blowing everyone else out of the house. RL got one for his dad and it works great.

Chery said...

You crack me up!! I am right there with you!! I think that we are all on over load!! My tree is up, but still naked!! I'm kinda getting used to it that way. Maybe it doesn't need any decorations. You are always such a busy girl!!
Take care & keep that smile / smerk on your face!! Chery:)

Mosaic*Queen said...

Okay, are we twins or something??! You could not have said it any better, as to what I have been feeling! And Yes, I'm hungry all the time! WTH??! Oh, and my hubby can't hear either! I could go on, but I'll spare you the pain.
This post made me laugh my A__ off! Thank you for that! :-)

Inland Empire Girl said...

I couldn't have said it better! I am going to work on the expression the woman has on the top of the post.

Kari said...

Geez. You're making me feel bad for smiling.

I kid, I kid. Bless your heart. Take a deep breath, slap your husband, thumb your nose at your mama and call me in the morning. (Hey, your mom and your husband don't read comments on your blog, do they?).

Cheer up! Slow your butt down and ENJOY the season - too much stress is going on up there in OK. Come it with me...take a deep breath. That's it...deep breath. One we're cooking. Deep, deep breath. Okay, STOP before you hyperventilate....

Merry Christmas!