Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I'm Dopey!

We're dressing up at my office for Halloween as the 7 dwarfs (cause there are 7 of us, duh), and I drew the name Dopey.

Boy, do I feel Dopey! I wish I could post pictures on my blog from "other" areas than my camera, but I don't know how, and I can't figure out how. I'm a computer disabled dopey person!!! I just don't understand how to go about what it tells me to do. It may as well give the instructions in Latin---it would do me just as much good.

Any other visual learners out there??? Do you feel my pain??? I really need a picture drawn when it comes to following computer directions. The words that are so "normal" and understood by computer whizes are totally of no use to me. Boo Hoo!

So, just imagine I posted a really cool picture here. And then make up your own text. Signed, Dopey

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tommie said...

where are you trying to post a pic from? I might be able to explain it in easy-cheesy language.

My husband is the computer guru. I am self-taught, more like make a mistake and try to figure out how to fix it guru!