Sunday, June 1, 2008


This is the "cleaned up" result of Saturday afternoon! Now, I will warn you---the next picture is a bit graphic--enter at you own risk. Or scan by quickly!!

SEVEN STITCHES!!! In the tip of my finger! The deading doesn't fully deaden the tip of the finger due to all the nerve endings there. Even when the Dr gave me additional lidocaine in the wound. So I felt about half of the stitches!!! OUCH!!!

I was making punch at a reception--left a lid on the can of pineapple juice & sat it in the sink--reached for something else in the sink and overshot my target. AND came down full force on the lid!!! I wasn't going to go to the ER---I HATE ERS & DRS (no offense medical people), but the darn thing wouldn't quit bleeding. I was the proverbial "bleeding like a stuck hog"!!! S0000, out of fear of bleeding out from the finger (at least that's how my hubby convinced me) and the fear of infection which would require cutting off my finger (another of his arguments), I relented and went.

I told Big Daddy that he had to hold my hand---I've NEVER had stitches! And he said no way--he would faint! Bless my sister's heart---we called her, she came running and sat with me during my trama!!! I don't know what I would do without her.

Then I got home in time to attend a wedding. An evening, formal wedding. This new accessory may catch on!! Believe me--I had more questions about my finger guard than I have ever had on shoes or jewelry. If you want to make a statement that everyone will notice, go for the finger guard. Got lots of sympathy too!!! Everyone was saying "oh my gosh, the tip of your finger---that hurts sooo bad".

Now I'm just worried about having the stitches taken out. They have to stay in for 14 days---this should be really uncomfortable!!! But I'm keeping it really softened with Neosporin. The paper said this would help --- right!!!

The up side you ask??? I can't do dishes for a couple of weeks. And it's my right hand--typing is difficult. Do you know how many times a person types "i's" and "k's"????? I'm looking for lots of understanding at work---after all I'm returning from a week's vacation---can't really take another couple of days "sick" days!!!

Well, I'll try to keep you posted in correct typing!!!


Mosaic*Queen said...

OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did you say a lot of these? @%*%^@+&$#!!!!
I would have!
Hope you feel better soon and Good Luck getting them out. I'm not going to lie, that hurts too! So, take your sister with you.
Hugs to you!!


Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

EEEEECCCCKKKKK! That looks PAINFUL! Yow-za. I can hardly type for the sympathy pains I'm having.

I guess the NO DISHES helps to ease the pain a bit. Maybe. Nah. Never mind. I'd rather do the flippin' dishes. lol

Hope the pain goes away soon and may you tip a few big honkin' glasses of wine just prior to removal of the stitches. lololol