Sunday, June 8, 2008

Memories of a Crafty Life

Ok this may prove to be a rather lengthy post--and it's because of the pictures involved. I will have to do a "part deux" for current projects. Anyway, this post is in response to Kari over at Just Livin Large's post about the many crafts she has experimented with over the years. She posted pictures and I commented that I too have done the craft overload, and that I had pictures that would put hers to shame--or elevate them to "great" status!!! So Kari commented she was waiting on "the post"--ok girlfriend--challenge accepted. The above picture is one of the crafts done on styrofoam. I don't remember what in the heck I was going to do with them other than use them for Easter something. and I am shocked they survived all the "weedings", but there they are!!
These three painted items are cookie jar lids. For about 2 years I gave acrylic "tole" classes in my garage. Big Daddy cut the wooden pieces and I sold the raw wood as part of the classes. I think these were dated back in 1988. The classes were fun, and I usually had about 10-15 students, but you can only paint so many things---
These next two gorgeous items (above & below) are examples of why I'm not an oil artist. I took lessons for 5 or 6 years off and on, and never did really like the process--toooooo slooooowww!~! These were back in the early 80's. Doesn't every aspiring artist have Canadian geese in their closest????

And I did ceramics throughout the 70's and 80's. For a year I owned a ceramic shop here in town. Poured all my own greenware, fired them, the whole shebang. And classes, the on-going classes every day and 2 nights a week. It was enjoyable, and often I wish I still had the place but my danged attention span----- Oh--the name of my shop was "The Pour House". Get it ??? Poured my greenware--didn't make any money---
And cross stitch. I went through a HUGE cross stitch phase. I still like doing it, but I fall asleep when doing too many repetitions--ha ha.

In another post I'll have to show you the felt "northwoods" Christmas stockings I made for Big Daddy's family. And the "refashioned" jewelry I made for a while.

One really good friend of mine (who moved out of state in self defense I think) and I used to do the craft show circuit locally. The biggest we ever did was Santa House in Tulsa. I doubt that we ever recovered expenses or made money. More like kept us in supplies and out of trouble.

Most of the "better" things I made were given away. Never thought I did well enough to sell much.

And, of course, now my "crafts" are my cakes.

But, alas Kari, I too have such a short attention span, and I,too, am waiting for that really "fulfilling" item. I don't think there really is such a thing. Cause the supply industry keeps churning out more and more different ways to do the same thing--ha ha

What I REALLY wanted was a show like Carol Duvall's. Where I could just TALK about crafts!!!

Enough for now.

Tonight I have a dinner engagement with a couple of ya ya's for birthday celebrations. Do you see dessert in the near future!!!!

Have a great Sunday.

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Chery said...

I think that I did some of the very same crafts over the years!!
Fun & kinda funny stuff!! chery:)