Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sunday & Time Just Went Ahead!!!!!

Oh heck!!! I can't get my pictures that I was going to share with all of you to upload!!! Maybe by the time I get this writing done I can share them. If not, just trust they were really, really cute!

Ok, it's Sunday. Thanks goodness--usually I don't like Sunday evenings cause it means the end of the weekend and back to work. Heigh Ho!! But after last Thursday & Friday, I'm ready to try another week.

On Thursday I received a call from the Health Dept---someone had "informed" them I was operating a catering service without a license. I kinda of knew I needed one, but put it off. Anyhoo, I may have to show my church kitchen to them to apply for a license, and I may have to quit selling. Boo Hoo. I can still cook & GIVE it away!!! I just won't have as much "rathole" money, and I can't afford to do it and give it away all the time.

Then on Friday, my Drs office called---need additional views of a mammogram. Yippee!!! I WAN T to do that again. They said there was density and they didn't have a recent film to compare against. Keep all your fingers crossed for me--I refuse to worry about this. I'll just put it in God's hands and trust that He has a reason for whatever the turnout. BUT, keep your fingers crossed. I don't want to endure a big change.

AND, then I came home from work, husband had done our taxes and we owe--drumroll please---ONE THOUSAND SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS. $1700.00. Anyway you say it, I don't want to part with it. I don't have that kind of money just to toss to the IRS!!!!! There goes my savings. There goes my summer wardrobe. Shoot! I guess the payroll person hasn't been taking enought out of my check. So, I guess I'll begin having extra taken out. Did you know that if your owe more than $1000 you are penalized!!??? I think the employer should be penalized. They are the "specialists" in this area! They should know what should be taken out. Not Me!!!

So, on Saturday, as I'm having a "pity party" & feeling so down, and so sorry for myself, and melancholy has set in, I got a call from my niece. A young lady, who was a senior in high school, whose family I have known all my life, whose aunt does my hair, lost her long, torturous battle with leukemia. She has had this disease for about 10 years, and has fought valiantly. She was at the point that they were trying to schedule her for bone marrow transplant when she got ill. She had been in the hospital for 3 weeks this time, had developed meningitis, had once been suffocated by her own blood (her lungs developed a leak) and was revived, and now it was over. I talked to another of her aunts this morning at church, and she said the young lady , her mom & dad had talked long about the turnout this week, that they had prayed with her time and again, and that they told her if it was too hard for her to fight, she didn't have to any more.

HOW IN THE HECK DO YOU SAY THAT TO YOUR CHILD????? How do you let go? How do you leave and return to your safe haven, having had the rug pulled out from under you? Well, I guess her aunt said it best when she told me that God had prepared them, and that God was leading and strengthening them. Another church mate reminded several of us this morning that God isn't bent on making this life as comfortable or reasonable as we want. That He is preparing us for eternal life, and that, in all reality, being in heaven and God's presence is the ultimate healing.

I know that. In my mind. But in my heart, I ache for them. And if you don't believe in God, I ache for you. I don't know how I could face tonight or tomorrow without his reassurance, his peace, his faithfulness. This earth is shared by a very evil force--Satan, who is doing his best to take mans eye off God. And, at times, he is doing a very good job. After all, he shifts all the blame for bad happenings to God.

Ok, enough--I'll get off the Sunday Soapbox. I said all of the above to get to this point---my Thurs & Fri pale in comparison with what others have suffered. I can put my flimsy little aches and problems in a box and file it. And I will resolve to be thankful and appreciative.

After all, I got to see Hank yesterday; that hug around the neck, and his little voice saying "Hi ya ya" trumps any doldrums I have had rattling around in my head. And being able to see my son on Friday, and my daughter on Saturday, and hug them, puts stars in my sky. And, my parents and in-laws were both in touch today, and both are well. More stars. And husband & I both have jobs, and can afford our house payment, car payment, etc. More stars. And I have a church family that embraces & truly loves me and my family. More stars. And, I have a BFF, Penny, who knows just what to say & when!! She keeps me grounded!!! And she loves me!!! For no apparent reason!!! Stars! Starry Starry Night!!!

Now, I'm going to try to download those pics, so if you see the pics, yippee. If not, maybe next time!! (Whoops, didn't work again.)

Have a good, blessed week!


Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

So when are you going back in for the new mammogram? I'll be thinking of you - I know it's a little freaky to hear "we need to re-test". And hey, who DOESN'T love having their booby smached down until it looks like a dinner plate? Good times are ahead for you! :)
I'm so sorry to hear about that young sad for her family and friends. SHE'S fine now, of course. Her race is run, as they say. It's the ones left behind who feel the sadness and the ache. I'll be thinking of her family and her classmates as they try to get above the heartache.


pennythequeen/queeniep said...

Okey Dokey----
By BFF is back... Lets have a ta-ta party for the Ya-Ya! hehehe, Im rollin tonight! Im glad you are feelin better, see ya on the block!