Monday, February 4, 2008

It's A Hot Mama Monday!!

Ok, maybe that should be "a hot Monday, mama"!!! It was 82 today!!! Last Thursday we had snow. See??? This snowfamily lived down the block from me. They are now just figments of my imagination---EXCEPT I have a picture of them!!
Anyway, it's Monday--so far it seems from Friday. Why is it always hard to get up on Monday mornings??? I'm nearly late every Monday, and then get there on time the rest of the week. Guess I just fight that need to join the race to the timeclock!!!
I've had the "I want to change lives" blues today. I keep thinking I need a different job. This one is great, but I'm needing a change---I'm wanting a change---I want to be a soap opera actress; maybe an interior designer; a hairdresser---anything, just DIFFERENT!!! I've sat in that office so long now that it feels like a part of me----Calgon take me away!!! Before this job, the longest I ever stayed at one was 4 years. I just have that need to do my own thing. Blaa blaa blaa------
Went with my daughter to get things for Hank's 2nd birthday!!! And the winner is:::::Thomas the Tank Engine!!!!! We looked at several themes, had chosen "Bob the Builder" and then stumbled onto the Thomas display. Sooo cute!! And, they had a little conductor hat!!! Guess who's going to wear one!!!??? We got the invitations, plates, napkins, tablecloth, centerpieces, goodie bags---I was feeling pretty materialistic when I noticed the gal checking out in front of me was buying for her daughter's 1st birthday and her total was (drumroll. . . ) $165.00!!!!! FOR THE DECOR!!!! I feel so much less crazy!!! Mine wasn't NEAR that!!! I mean, is she going to remember that?????? NO, and neither will Hank. We've been sucked into the "have to have" mindset. Remember when going to McDonald's was the most outrageous thing one could do? I just don't remember themes. It amazes me how much some people spend on these parties! One family that buys cakes from me each year, rents a community room, makes wooden cutouts, wallhangings, dresses in theme costume----and the kid just this year turned 5!!!!!! Probably could save for college classes or something! Oh silly me!!! Why would one want to do that!!!!
Ok, soap box back in the closet. We did have the best time. My son even met us for lunch. So there we are--one happy family. Until we disagree on politics. Which I stay completely away from! Even if it's just thoughts. My kids have strong opinions (where in the heck do they get that???) and I just don't have the energy to debate any more. I really don't think one candidate or the other is going to make THAT much of a difference. Heard the words Senate & House???? Ok, forgive me for my lackidasial attitude, but it just sucks the life out of me to sit and listen to campaign jibber jabber. And with Super Tuesday looming I'm even more tired. Hey, I got calls from a former governor, a candidate's wife---I didn't even know they knew me!!!! Funny thing is, I can't talk back to them. They just ramble through their recorded speech---I feel so important!!!
Tonight I'm off to a ladies club meeting. With Queen Penny. It really was a fun organization when I first joined, but of late it's gotten so, well, bah humbug!!!The "elders" either get confused in the meeting, quit coming due to bad health or sit and give advice about how much work we younger ones should be willing to do. And I can't really see how this is benefiting me. Wait--I did make five really, REALLY good friends--my ya yas, in this chapter, but we're all so tired---two are back in school, two have grandchildren, one has small children hyperinvolved in sports, and then there are me & Queen Penny (are you counting 6???? One is my sister, who I didn't count as making friends with). Penny & I are just TIRED---working our butts off during the day & then trying to make a name for ourselves in the catering/wedding business nights & weekends. Blaaa Blaaa Blaaa
Ok dear bloggy friends, I'm off to brighter horizons (oh wait---the sun is setting!!) I did begin some craft projects---hope they are finished before this time next year!! ha ha ha
It's been good babbling. Have a safe night.

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Mosaic*Queen said...

Well, here's wishing you much luck in whatever you WANT to do!!!! Blablabla!!! (LOL!!!!)