Thursday, January 17, 2008


Oh, I'm dancing the dance of joy!!!! Today is the first day I have actually been "pain free" since Dec 10!!!! Whooo Hoooo I am soooo excited!!! In fact, I started to catch up on some of the vast aray of things I have let slide, but I thought "heck NO, I feel good & I'm just going to sit and enjoy!!!" So after this post, it's butt on the couch time!!!!
I know I have whined about this for, hmmmm, all the posts since Dec 10, but you can just not imagine the pain. And the frustration. And the exhaustion!!! I did some internet research on cluster headaches, and many said the closest pain comparable was childbirth!!!! Now, when I had my kids, (back in my day--ha ha) epiderals were new and not readily available, which means I had a "spinal block". You know, the baby is out winking and they decide to give you something before you tear the Dr's ears off!!!! So I DO remember the pain, and by golly, this does come in a close second!!! Also read that there is not much that can be done---just need to run their course. I talked to a person who had actually had one of these tormented episodes, (I have only found one close by) and they agreed. So I guess mine has been textbook. Wow, that's the thing I have to have that is textbook---couldn't be intelligence, creativity, compassion, had to be cluster headache!!!
On to brighter subjects, Penny the Queen and I had a "skip" day today!!! Boy was it fun!!!! We both left at noon for our, um, "Dr's appts", and had a good lunch and some power shopping!!! We can power shop like no other two gals on this planet!!!! We can do more damage in 15 minutes than some can do in a lifetime!!!!! But, I think this added to my relief and healing!!!
Got a very busy week ahead---cake Saturday, pasta buffet Thurs (putting Penny to work on that one, ha ha), cake Friday, and Chamber Banquet on Sat. Back to the grind!!! But, it's been nice having a break after the holidays. That means I had one weekend off!!! And, it's always new territory, and I love it mucho!!!
We're planning Hank's 2nd birthday!!! That is so strange---just yesterday we brought him home from the hospital!!! This year it's "Bob the Builder" theme---and, of course, I AM making the cake.
Well, I'm off to the sofa for some major vegitating!!! Have a good Thurs---CSI starts soon!!!


Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

I'm so glad to hear you're pain free. Those headache's must truly suck because I remember childbirth - vividly - and I think I would have been murderous if I'd had to experience that kind of pain for that amount of time. Call me a wuss...I don't much care. I am NOT one of the "suffer in silence" chicks. I think I would have made headlines as I "expressed my displeasure" with the lack of pain relief you had to indure. lol
Anyway - mucho glado to have you backo (that's the extent of my Spanish. lol).

queeniep said...

Howdy partner in crime. Boy that"Dr." appt was fast today. I didnt feel any pain at the 'dentist'. hahaha anywho, yep she said it we can fly through a store faster than a bullet out of a gun...
She left out the dessert part!!! Yummo, cake at Lambruzco's fat city!

What a wonderful day we had yep we did.