Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Sharing A Picture of My Love!

Just had the most fun with my little grandson, Hank! He's 18 months old now, beginning to talk (a little), and really interact with us. He had stolen my heart before, but WOW--am I in la la love with him!!! I can hardly stand it when he leaves now, and to make things worse---when his mom says it's time to go, he runs over and plops down in my lap and says "Nuh Nuh Nuh Nuh"!!! Not that I don't LOVE that!!!!
And now a question for all my blog friends--are you guys professional photographers or WHAT??? All of your pictures are so colorful and bright, and focused so well. I guess I just hurry too much??? Maybe it's the type of camera??? Send some feedback my way. I'm beginning to be really intimidated by the beauty of the photos you, all of you, have online!!!
My friend, Penny, @ pennythequeen is in the Ukraine as we write. She's keeping us updated on her blog, so check in---I miss her so much!!! But I'm so very proud of her for taking this step. I don't know if I have the "where with all" to do missions in a foreign country. I hesitate at the thought of what I would eat (being a picky eater & all). Priorities, you know. I'm just going to stay state side and pray for them!!! ha ha ha
Kari, I thought of a couple of things that "grind my gears"-- here goes:
1. Aisle Reunions: Went to the fair a couple of days ago and was reminded of how irritating this is!!! It's bad enough that 25 million people are in one building and the aisles are 2 feet wide. It's bad enough that not all 25 million are courteous enough to travel in the same direction on the same side of the aisle BUT how about those families of 52, who as they are walking down the aisle, slowly creeping along, and you can't go around, they see their long lost NEXT DOOR NEIGHBORS--also a family of 52, and they come to a DEAD STOP, right smack dab in the middle of the aisle. Of course, all the foot traffic behind is going at a rate of speed that prevents slowing down, and now this powerhouse of people have halted, causing the speeding foot traffic to slam into one another with such force that people catapult small children over displays, moms go to their knees to retrieve purses and drinks, old couples end up in the rear end crack of the people ahead of them and disappear for hours! Come on people, have some courtesy--wave and say "meet me at the concession stand" or "see you when we get home"--but don't just STOP--at least begin by slowing down and veering one way or the other.
2. Strollers, Pull Along Luggage Shopping Bags--I personally have nothing against strollers--kids belong in them rather than running through aisles like canine competitors, but for crying out loud, quit putting all the kids and belongings in the strollers, and rolling them down the 2 ft aisles of craft shows and fairs, blocking the entrance to every exhibitor! And the twin strollers----give me a break---I'll pay for the babysitter if you'll just leave that stuff at home. And, of course, the kids are screaming to high heaven, they don't even want to be there, and to make it even more fun, they start throwing popcorn at the crowd around! Ok, that may step on a few toes, but it just grinds my gears.
3. Political Campaigns: I don't care WHO the candidate is, what the platform is, when the election is, or which party it is---every word that falls out of the mouths of the candidates has been written for our ears and for their benefit. Do we really, really believe that any, and I mean ANY candidate will stand up and tell what they really think????? That only happens AFTER they leave office and write their memoirs!!! I don't care what they promise, it ain't gonna happen!!! Each speech leaves us feeling like they actually MAKE their decisions, and that they, and they alone, will make all the choices when they are elected to office. And, good grief, can't candidates quit taking shots at each other? We tell our children that when they criticize, badmouth, compare to others they are only bringing themselves down to the other's level. Guess that conversation is banned from political party families!!! As a matter of fact, that may be one of the "commandments" of a politician!! Thou shalt bring forth all smut against thy adversary in office!!
4. (And I Apologize For This One) Bad Spelling: I was once an English major, and while I can excuse the occasional wrong word form, or misspelled word, reading the misspellings is like fingernails drawn down a chalkboard to me. And, I admit, I have accidentally used "effect" for "affect" (and had it pointed out to me in print by a newspaper editor, oh the shame), it's worth the effort to make certain, especially when publishing a word, an article, a newsletter, etc., that correct word usage is maintained!!! It is a thorn in my flesh that text messaging has handicapped the spelling of today's youth, and that "youth speak" is now what short hand was in past decades!!! As Webster adds contemporary words throughout the years, I just hope against hope that old words and meanings will be left alone!
Ok Kari--now that I have most likely alienated myself from blogland for my opinions, I am pointing at you for opening this keg of worms!!! You asked!! Everyone blame Kari--I was just following her lead!!! ha ha ha Better yet, blame it on menopause. Maybe the "gear grinding" is hightened by the hormonal fluctuations!!! Maybe I'll be kinder and more forgiving when all this "delight" is finished!!!
Good night friends, it also "grinds my gears" that hubby can sleep at any given point of time, and that he has already gone down for the night. Now I must endure the snoring!!! And the waking at 1 am!!! Oh sleep, where have you gone!! When will you return??? Am I doomed to the dark circles under my eyes, and the feebleness of my sleep deprived mind forever!!!!!


tommiea said...

What a cutie!!

btw, for every cute pic I take of the kids, I probably take 40 that get deleted.

Phyllis Renée said...

Hi there! I've been reading your blog for a few days and just wanted to say hi. Love you're writing; you're a hoot! (And I mean that in the most endearing way.)

I , too, was at the fair and know exactly what you mean about those "reunions." Unfortunately, my husband doesn't just walk around them. No, he's got to turn to me and tell me (in a loud voice) how stupid these «insert inappropriate word here» are.

Chery said...

What a sweet little man!! I can't wait to be a grammy!! Chery

Kari said...

We have GOT to talk about this blaming thing. I'm crushed. I'm hurt. I'm saddened. I'm so full of it. lol

Can't wait to get more time to blog. I'm suffering from withdrawals!!! And, just so you know, I - Kari Hayes - am probably one of the worst spellers in history. I wish these comment thingys had spellcheck. ha And having lived in the deep south for SO long, my grammar has suffered immeasurably (how badly did I misspell THAT? LOL). But try to stick with me. I'll probably irritate the t-total fool out of you with my bad spelling and abuse of the English language, but remember...I am a fellow menopause wench. We MUST stick together. lol

Shabee Chick said...

I hate the fair! Hate it. Just went on Friday with 100 first graders.

Hate it.

Fair, I curseth thee.