Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Visualize mountain stream, flowing slowly, steadily down the river bed. Hear the trickling of the water. Feel the cool breeze wafting across the face. Deep breath of fresh air--breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in, breathe out.

I just read my BFF, Penny the Queen's, post, and I am so totally understanding of her fatigue. She & I both have empty nest lodging, and I think therefore, feel compelled to continue in the mad pace that we learned from working , running the household, and raising children. We also have this unbearable need to create, to nuture, to "fix" life, and not just for ourselves, but for the vast population we encounter. We must "create" items to make their lives easier, more glamourous; we must meet their needs, whether those needs be material, spiritual, emotional, and such.

And so, we continue in this mad pace---working at the jobs that meet the obligations, running the household as if there were an award ceremony in the future, saying "yes I can!" to each and every notion we encounter along the way. After all, isn't our worth tied to what we can produce? Aren't we judged by the cleanliness of our homes, the deliciousness of our tables, the awe of the work of our hands, the answers we provide to our families????? We're going to end up like Little Sambo's tiger--turned into butter cause we've chased our tails round and round the tree!

So, BFF, I have always had this song playing in the back of my mind. I remember watching the Barbra Streisand remake of "A Star Is Born" and coming away ONLY remembering the impact THIS SONG had on me. I ran and bought the soundtrack for the movie JUST so I could listen to this song, repeatedly, which I did for month on end after the movie. I would play it, replay it, replay it, and on and on. It was the story of my life. It best described my purpose. It explained the "whys" of all that I do. So BFF, here it is for you. And for all the others afflicted by this "purpose driven life" (Sorry Rick Warren--but that is the best title I can come up with!!!)

I want to learn what life is for
I don't want much, I just want more
Ask what I want and I will sing
I want everything, everything

I'd cure the cold and the traffic jam

If there were floods, I'd give a dam

I'd never sleep, I only sing

Let me do everything, everything

I'd like to plan a city, play the cello

Play at Monte Carlo, play Othello

Move into the white house, paint it yellow

Speak Portugese and Dutch

And if it's not too much

I'd like to have the perfect twin

One who'd go out as I came in

I've got to grab the big brass ring

So I'll have everything, everything

I'm like a child who's been set free

At the fun fair , every ride invites me

Saying that I only

Get my share

Doesn't seem fair

I could live as I must

If they would just

Give me the time to turn a tide

Give me the truth if once I lied

Give me the man who's gonna bring

More of everything

Then I'd have everything, everything

Ok, now I don't know HOW I hit the key that did that funky spacing thing, and I don't know if it will show in the post--it does right now and it's weird!! If you have to read this with all those extra spaces, sorry!

But really, doesn't that sound like us BFF? We don't even have time to see each other once in a while, just two doors down. We don't have time to run to Target and ooo and ahhh. We've let ourselves go so we can have everything, and guess what--we've lost us!!!

Deep stuff, huh?

All together now----deep breath, cool mountain stream,

Oh heck, I'm going to bed!!!

Monday, March 31, 2008

Spring Storms & Nonsense!

Today was the first "big" spring storm of this season. I don't know about your area, but spring storms are a "big" deal here--at least with the weather casters!!! They all get to play with the techie toys that the stations have paid mega bucks for, and tap into our television shows with NONSENSICAL news.

I stayed home from work today, and had the TV on from 8 on. They cut into GMA with their Doppler and MESO systems. Whoo hoo! I did hear of towns that I have NEVER heard of before. Now that wouldn't be so surprising except these towns are within an hour and a half of where I live! Never, never heard of them. Towns listed were: Coodys Bluff, Hogshooter, Cockleburr Flat, Okena, Matoaka, Elba and Edgewater Acres. I've driven all over this county and the next closest counties each way and, by golly, have never seen a sign with those names printed.

The weather men continue to amaze! They announced that tornado sirens were going off in Talala, so if you are in Talala and watching, well, good morning and take cover. If you were in Talala and still watching TV Auntie Em is waiting for ya! Take cover if you hear the sirens--that's what we've always done. Maybe in Talala they run and turn on the TV when the sirens sound. Hmmm.

Love the names of the storm chasers. This morning they were taking phone pics from "Fast Freddy". I swear that was his name. What else does Fast Freddy do for a living? Is he always available at the drop of parcipitation to run all over the county chasing storms? This evening on the local news, the weather man actually said, ok, sit down and get ready, "One of our storm chasers has been following storms for over 26 hours. That's more than a full day" Why thank you Mr. Weather Man---we would have never figured that one out. Maybe they don't teach such things in meteorology school, but I learned that in elementary school. Do appreciate you making sure we all knew the hours in a day! Sad part was, he had to chase around for 26 hours to FIND a storm.

They also announced (on the same weather cast), that they had searched all through the day, and had only found one incident of an injury or damage today. Now wait--maybe this storm WASN'T as severe as indicated! Could that be???? Maybe that injury/damage was someone banging their head on the wall while listening to the never-ending weather coverage!!!

I really got tickled when, during the course of the day, they announced in one area the wind was 58 mph, maybe more, and the hail was 2" in diameter, maybe less. Maybe? Maybe? MAYBE????? With all that technology, we get a MAYBE???? They can list within 2 minutes where the storm will hit next, but the wind mph--it's a MAYBE?????

And don't you just love how each of the network stations basically say "Watch us! We have the best toys! Come and play at our station--we can color the maps in flourescent colors! We can find towns hidden in plain sight!"

I feel soooooo safe!!!

What a silly bunch of girls! This is what we do when we're bored at dinners. Weddings. Funerals. Thank goodness for cameras that don't make alot of noise!! Seriously, you would not believe what we find when we turn Kelsi loose with a camera. We came back from a wedding in Galveston about 3 years ago, and Kelsi had gotten my camera while I was loading up at the buffet, and the silly pics I had. That is one good feature of digitals--you don't have to pay for development!!!

These are the gals in our family. We were at a "Legacy Dinner" with Kelsi's sorority. Believe me, the food was not good! It was edible, but not good. But we really did have a good time. And Kelsi was so proud to have her gal family there with her. I, of course, am the one with glasses!!! And that's my daughter in the blue shirt behind me, standing by my sister. And of course, that's dear mom!

Well, I am feeling better today. A day off does wonders for the physical as well as the mental. Now the bonus! Hank has to stay home tomorrow and I get to stay home and watch him!!! He has an ear infection--I swear that kid must have the highest pain tolerance, cause they didn't know he had anything wrong til he felt warm and was running a fever! Anyway the Dr advised he take a few days to rest, and me, having sick days, well you can see where this was going! So tomorrow is another sick day -- play date-- with Hank!!!

Well, I'd better do dishes and get ready for tomorrow! Don't get wet! And if you do, call the news!!!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Great White Throne!

Don't you just hate when you have to "worship" here????? All day Saturday, I was hugging the porcelain, calling for Earl, shopping for a Buick---whatever phrase you wish, I was there!!! Every hour on the hour. With a MAJOR headache to go with it! Started at 5:00 a.m. and continued til 6:00 p.m. This is NOT the diet I had in mind!!! I had forgotten how BAD it feels to have the "heave hos"!!! Then all night long, I slept for a hour, woke up, slept for an hour, woke up. What a waste of a weekend!!! Finally, got dressed around noon on Sunday, and had to make a run to the grocery store!!! Absolutely HAD TO. And it wore me completely out! So, I'm just lettin y'all know how fun my weekend has been.
I'm calling in sick tomorrow. I'm sick of being sick on weekends!!! Don't even get sick pay for those!!! ha ha ha
Well, bloggies, I am worn out from posting this, so til tomorrow, I bid you adieu!