Friday, July 16, 2010

AND---4 Months Later

Did I tell you my son got married in January??? This is he & his lovely wife. They are the most adorable couple--they compliment one another so well

This is one of the engagement pics with their "baby" Smokey.

And, below--the loves of my life: Hank & his little brother Mack. They have moved back to town & live within 4 miles of us, so anytime the phone rings and Hank wants to see me---well, need I even say it?????

Where does the time go? Have you noticed the days spin so quickly that suddenly it's July 4 and then it's later????
Catering has been going so well. We feel that God has really had his hand on this venture. Even as the economy slowed to the pace of a snail on valium, the orders still came. The work has been consistant. We even have 2 employees & I have to tell ya---it sure has made a difference in my days. Oh, we still work 12 & 14 hour days, 7 days a week, but I have them to help me bear up under the load!
One of these days I'll try to get some of my recent cakes on the blog. As of right now, they are stored on the home computer & I'm sitting at the kitchen waiting for potatoes to boil.
Random thought--I have to really watch my attitude when I get bone tired. That's when the pity parties begin! Just the other day I was whining to myself things such as "I have a terrible headache" " My arthritis is killing me this week" and so forth. And would you believe, I began to think about my Aunt Dora Ann--whom I haven't thought about in years! Aunt Dora Ann had rhuematoid arthritis and died from complications of that illness at age 48, and that was a good 25 years ago. But one thing Aunt Dora Ann never, ever, EVER did was complain or think of herself! She had 6 children and she continued to sew for them & cook for them even when she was confined to a wheel chair. And as I was lamenting my aches & pains, I realized that Aunt Dora Ann would LOVE, I mean "jump up and down" love to trade places with me. Always with a smile on her dear face and a twinkle in her eyes, she would come here and visit her kids, the grandkids she never saw, hug her husband--the love of her live, and bear up under any pain to be with them for a bit.
So, complaining--whining--boo-hooing life's challenges--BE GONE! I shall take life by the reigns & find the wonder in each day.
If I am hurting from working the fingers to much I will give thanks! I am here and have the ability to do so. And those hurting hands can still touch the faces of my little Hank & Mack.
Life is what you want from it. Attitude is 90% of the journey. Bitterness and hatred settle into the bones and leach the life, leaving only pain and sorrow. Joyfullness and child like wonder rejuvenate the spirit and add years of life.
Ok, so much for the random thought. It's just what happened to zip through the mind.
Anyhoo--hope all are enjoying life!