Saturday, June 28, 2008

Garden Days

Before we venture on to places out of doors, I wanted to show you the flowers my sister-in-law brought me a couple of weeks back. We were having dinner for Father's Day & I had the dinner at my house and she came in with these. Aren't they pretty? Oh yeah, this picture is SIDEWAYS!!! So tilt your head a little--now a little more--just a tad bit more---whoops, did I hear you yell "ouch"???? Hope you didn't pull anything---I'll try to remember to adjust the pics before I start downloading. Does anyone know what they are? She didn't and I can't come up with exactly what.
Ok--let's go out doors. Come & sit with me by the outdoor fireplace. As it is sooo hot, we'll burn chiminea wood and enjoy the odor wafting out towards us.
We'll listen as the urn fountains softly bubble, and watch the water cascade down.
We'll enjoy seeing the koi swim back and forth through their stream. We might even get them to eat out of our hands. Relaxing huh???

OH YOU THOUGHT THIS WAS MY HOUSE???? NOT!!!! I wish it were my backyard. I could sure see myself sitting out here in the evenings!! No, I went on a garden tour and this was one of the featured lawns. (They aren't called yards when they are on tour!!!) We visited 5 places and they were all really pretty, but this was my favorite.

Oops! Another one of those side way pics of my flowers. I don't want to go back and delete this and loose some of the others. And being the computer illiterate I am, if I start messing with this post, that's what will happen. Don't turn your head to look at this one. Trust me, they are the same flowers and I don't want you to endure any more pain!!!

Another garden tour pic. This was rather interesting. Know what those are?? Wine bottles!!! I actually think it's a rather novel idea. Don't you know they had a blast getting to this point??? "Now come on dear, we need 10 more wine bottles to make the garden complete, and company is coming in three days, so drink up." I'm amazed they were all going the same direction!!! ha ha ha
I'm falling for these waterscapes. My son worked for a landscaper when he was in college and he is quite the handy man when it comes to yard work, and he said he would put a couple in for me!! Ya hoo!!! He works as a surveyor's assistant now, so he has access to lots of LARGE rocks and boulders. I have commissioned him to help me formulate a new look in the yard.
And this pic is just too darn cute!!! This is Mabel, and she belongs to one of the gals I work with. She came to visit on Thursday and I snuck around and had another gal hold her so I can take her cute lil face and make something for her "mom".

So today I just got back from working a 50th wedding anniversary. And cooking for another anniversary across town (sounds far apart huh??? in this town we're talking a matter of 4 blocks hee hee). Sister worked the other one. BUT my puppies are yelpin!!! I need that koi pond to sit beside. Think the owners would mind if I just drive over and dangle my feet in with the fish???? Oh well, I'll just curl up on the sofa for an hour with my kitty.

Have a great evening! Oh, and today is MY anniversary!!! I'm out to eat later.