Saturday, January 5, 2008

Baking Muffins

It's 12:15 am & I'm baking muffins---what do you do when you can't sleep????? Watch TV? Read? I bake!!! Tonight it's Pumpkin-Chocolate Chip Muffins!!! They'll be all ready for breakfast when we get up.

Speaking of getting up---for the second time in the past 4 days, our phone line (which is currently not working on our end), has placed a "hang up" call to 911! Both times at midnight!!! And both times, we have been awakened by a police banging on the door, wondering if we were all right! Now, while this is comforting knowing the local police are efficient, it's also rather aggravating---Peter & the Wolfe aggravating!!! Next time, if we SHOULD have to call 911, they may not arrive!!! The first night we accused the dog & cat of playing with the phone (ha ha), but I was actually awake tonight and can confirm the animals were asleep!

Had the kids over for burgers & fried potatoes tonight. Hank is just getting too cute, and now he has started calling me "ya ya". That kid can have whatever he wants when he looks at me with those big blue eyes, grins and says "ya ya". Boy, does he have me wrapped.

Speaking of ya ya---I watched "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" this afternoon---love, love that movie!!! Anyhoo--I did notice that when a cousin comes in and sees the grandmother, she says "Hi ya ya". Told you I knew it was Greek for grandmother!!!

I found this little quiz a few months back, looking at a journaling website, and now, let's play along!! I'll answer the bold questions, and you let me know if you answered. I'll visit your blog & read your responses---K??? What better do I have to do at 12:15 am?????

I love the smell of fresh cut grass, powered babies, the after-smell of rain.

I love the sound of my kids voices, Christmas music, old hymns, my husband's laugh, Broadway musicals

I love the taste of Orange Spice Hot Tea, gravy, bread, Dole Orange Pineapple Banana juice

I love the sight of my kids cars pulling in the drive, snow, Friday on the calendar

I love the feel of towels fresh from the dryer, my husband's arms around me, Hank's little hand on my cheek, a bright sunny day

Ok--muffins are done and lookin good!!! Gotta catch some shut eye! Have a great Sunday.

Monday, December 31, 2007

Last Night of 2007

Well, here it is, the last evening of 2007! And what are you doing?
We decided to just stay at home & "veg" out this New Year's Eve. After all the hustle & hurry of "the storm" and Christmas, and all the rescheduled catering events that took place this Fri - Sun, we are POOPED!!! Just can't head out to one more place!!!
Saturday evening my sis & I catered an event about 40 minutes away. All went very well, but for the past 2 1/2 weeks I have had this horrid headache--a migraine that just would NOT stop. It would get a little more bearable, I'd sleep maybe 3 hours at one time, and on Saturday it just began to get progressively worse.
Now, I'm not one to go to the Dr. I grew up going each & every time I sneezed, (mom always worked for Drs), and I just HATE going. But sis insisted we stop by minor emergency on the way home. She said it was just stupid to try to live with this pain, and that maybe there was some infection there. Ok, I let her take me---the Dr was a bit surprised at the intensity I described, and also at the idea of dealing with this for the long term. After a lecture (during which my head was bursting) about getting blood work done & seeing my primary care DR, he finally got around to the good stuff!!! A shot in the hiney of pain med, some dissolving tabs for the onset of migraine, and an Rx for both pain & the migraine pills. He said I would begin to feel better within 20 minutes. So, on the way home, I was griping & groaning about how that didn't do any good, when LO & BEHOLD, the world became a much better place! That old pain shot began to sink in!!! Oh was I excited!!! I just kept telling sis, "I'm gonna sleep tonight--ALL NIGHT LONG!" You just can not imagine the thrill of that thought unless you have gone through this!!! I just smiled and smiled all the way home, I felt GOOD!!!!!
Well, next morning I got up, and whoops! Here comes the pain again! So I tried one of the "dissolving delights" and GOOD GOLLY MISS MOLLY!!!!! This stuff works!!! My headache is officially gone!!! I can't believe it took me this long to wake up & smell the roses!!!
So, today sis, niece & I headed for Edmond, and had a terrific lunch at a place named "501"---yummy to the tummy!!! It was super--we had dessert too!!!! Man that place was heaven!!! Then we shopped for a couple of hours. Spent some moolah!! Got a new purse, necklace, B & B hair products----needless to say, we had a super fantastic time!!!
And so, blogger friends, I wish for you a restful, peaceful New Year. Make it great in 08---(OMG that is sooooooo cheesy!!!!). Hugs to you all---I look forward to developing the new friendships I have made on this cyber town, and to meeting new friends!!! Have a terrific week!