Friday, June 20, 2008

TGIF---Really TG!!!!

I didn't have a "catchy" picture to post cause I'm kinda in a hurry & I just wanted to check in with my bloggies!

I was planning to stay home all day today on my day off---no make up, old cleaning clothes and finish painting the back bedroom, clean house, and just relax. BUT---at 7:15 a.m. my mom called. She has an eye doctor's appointment and my dad isn't feeling well, so will I take her. OF COURSE I WILL!!!! Plans change soooo quickly, and truthfully, I was a bit tempted to complain & whine to everyone about how I don't have enough time anyway, etc.

BUT then I thought: hey, does anyone look at life's challenges & hindrances on the flip side?????

In that vein, I am going to end this post with 10 things I am thankful for today. You know: Thank God It's ______________-

1. I am thankful for the beautiful sunshine out there today. I woke up, no rain and it's radiant out there. Just yesterday on GMA, it was reported that people aren't getting enough Vitamin D due the trend of spending so much time undoors. So, I am going to get some Vitamin D today!!!

2. I am thankful I was able to get up out of bed on my own and in my own bed. There are soooo many people in hospitals and restricted to bed due to injuries and illnesses and I am giving thanks for my mobility and health!

3. I am thankful that I have my mom to take to the Dr. And, that she is so extremely healthy. I have many, many friends whose moms are no longer with them. And many who have moms with such health problems that limit their actions. My mom will be 75 on July 13, and she is HEALTHY--except for cataracts. Those can be removed!

4. I am thankful I have a job to go to. (Just not today!) There's alot of unemployment, people suffering from business cutbacks and such. My job may not be someone else's Dream Job, but I drive 5 minutes down the road, the people only ask that I do what I was hired to do, the dress code isn't "haute couture" and the people are great. Sure they have their idiosyncrasies (SP???) but I probably have some character traits that drive them nuts too (not really, surely not, I'm just trying to make them feel better--ha ha ha). And, my job is mine as long as I want.

5. I have a great family! My kids, my parents, my in laws, love em all. We all have disagreements, flaws, but isn't that what gives people "color"? Wouldn't it be a BORING world if we were all in agreement, all the time??????? And if we were all of one mind---yuck!

6. I serve the God who loves me unconditionally, and is with me 24/7. Enough said. He left me and everyone else a letter called the Bible. Check it out.

7. I need to loose 15 pounds. You read that right---I am thankful for that. If I didn't need to loose the weight, it might mean that I didn't have enough food to eat or that I had severe health problems. It also would be a good excuse for not exercising. And then I might just be lazy and have all kinds of "silent" diseases. So, I have been blessed with fluffiness! Now to work it off!!!

8. Good Friends!!! If one doesn't have good friends, both near and far, they are soooo disadvantaged. The medical community has written volumes and volumes about the benefits of friendship. We were created to connect. I have wonderful friends---that's another post. Just a hint---to have good friends, you must BE a good friend.

9. I am thankful for my cat & dog. Yes, I know, I am toooo close and love them toooo much --- wait I don't think that's possible! Animals are a gift from God. Yes, they are!!! God teaches me lessons through them also, and I love em!

10. I am thankful for my country---the USA, and for my small little "everyone knows everything" community. Small towns have sooooo many traits that keep us connected like family. I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. Ok, maybe a vacation home somewhere---ha ha

Now, I want all of you out there to think and think and think of what you have to be thankful for in your lives!!! Look at each moment in life to find an opportunity for thankfulness. Bet you can!

Have a wonderful Friday..

Monday, June 16, 2008

Oh The Things That Can Happen

It's been a "aha" day!! I went over to the little (and I emphasize LITTLE) sandwich shop behind my office to get a cup of iced tea and THERE HE WAS----Garth himself!!!! I walked right by, acted like he was just another customer, ordered my tea, talked to the cashier, started out, glanced over and he smiled !!!

He and his three girls had come to Little Town for lunch--see they live in the next community, and have been known to eat at this sandwich shop. Now I have to tell you, everyone has their "Garth sightings" except me!!! I haven't seen him at Reasor's or Kohl's or Delta Cafe, or any of the other popular "Garth" hangouts! So this was cooooollllll!!! I said something like "how are ya doin" and HE STOOD UP and SHOOK MY HAND and said "you are?" I wanted to say "A big fat dork", but I gave him my name and he introduced me to his girls---cute gals! They are middle school aged and up. One of them had the cutest hair do, and in typical gal style I said "Oh your hair is sooo cute!".

And that was it. He was very approachable, personable, and kind! And he was wearing a hat like this one and shorts. My brush with fame!

On the flip side---I don't particularly like golf-- TOOOO SLOOOOWWW!!!!

But--we did watch the US Open this weekend (it being Father's Day weekend and all) and I actually got interested!! Even watched the "sudden death" playoff at work today. I have to admit, I was rooting for the underdog, Rocco Mediate (oooo love that name Rocco!).

Does any one out there get as tired as I do????? I woke up this morning--Monday--and felt like I'd been hit by a Mac Truck!!! Just can't do the weekends like I used to! Gosh darn it I hate that about getting more mature!!! I used to have the energy of a power plant, could go for days and days at full speed. But now after a couple of full speed days---I must recharge my batteries. And they sure ain't energizers!!!

Well, off to try to make some sense of my cluttered kitchen!

Have a great evening!!