Saturday, October 13, 2007

Workin 9-5

It's SATURDAY!!! And here I am, sitting in my Target Halloween lounge capris, faded Old Navy Halloween t shirt, with a house full of clutter, laundry, cleaning, projects---decorating a cake for a noon shower, and watching an A & E Biography about Dolly Parton.

I like Dolly--and she is one amazing lady. I remember watching her on the Porter Wagoner show growing up--I thought she was sooo pretty. Then, as I got older, and didn't think I liked country music, I kind of left her. I was reunited with her beautiful voice while watching "The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas". I began to follow her again, from a distance, then. Now, watching this bio, I am reminded how business savy she is, how genuine she is, and how much she & I are alike. That's right--I said Dolly Parton & I are alike!!! I have even been told that I have features like Dolly--now before you go looking for a photo of me---NO--it's not those features. I have been told by a few (probably legally blind) people that I have a smile & eyes like Dolly. Interesting, as most people probably couldn't remember those features to compare!!! But, as I listened to her tell of growing up, the similarities deepened--Dolly was raised in a Pentecostal home--so was I (well 1/2 of the home was), Dolly always loved to sing, so did I (and I still do), Dolly has no reservations about singing & acting, neither do I, Dolly doesn't take herself too seriously, neither do I, and the most similar characteristic--she states that everything she does, she does in a big way. SO DO I!!! I love hard, hurt deep, go 24/7 non stop, attack any new interest with gusto--to the point that I run my interests into the ground. Dolly loves her husband with no reservations--same here. Even tho, sometimes we don't seem to match our mates-- And Dolly loves people---I do too. I find people so very interesting. I'm often labeled as "nosy" and "too curious for my own good", but in my eyes, every person is special, unique, and has a life story that impacts this life.

Ok, I'm rambling, but my point of that last remark is--every person on this earth is one of God's creations. At some point in our lives, either something happens to us, or doesn't happen to us, than affects how we choose to go on. We can choose to be the very best in our capacity, regardless of what life has thrown in our path, or we can choose to sit back, be filled with the "whats wrongs" in life, and become so bitter and mean that we loose the meaning of why we are here.

Some can choose to embrace love--not just love for another person, but love for what God has given to us--the beauty of a new sunrise, air to breathe, taste for this journey and so on and so on. Some of choose to look at what "we are owed", who "wronged us", who to blame for our "lot in life" etc. Some choose to make the very best of each challenge handed them, take care of the physical person, the emotional person, choose surroundings (people & circumstances) that elevate us above the "crud" of life. Some choose to sit back and blame others for misfortunes, fill minds and bodies with what will anesthetize, bring instant pleasure, erase thoughts, regardless of the long term impact of the "soother".

I guess that's what I most admire about Dolly's story--she was brought up in the humblest of stations in life--12 children in the family, dirt floors, poverty--yet she chose to focus on the love she learned at home, the possibilities that awaited her, the need to be a productive individual--regardless of the long hours and hard work it cost her. And I guess that's what I WANT to be a similarity between she & I. Regardless of the sweat along the way, I want to be the very best I can possibly be--to experience all that life shows me in this setting--to share the love of humanity, spirituallity, creation that runs so deep inside.

This morning my dad called to wish me happy birthday--now dad is quite a character! He's eclectic, eccentric, and conservative! When leaving me a note, an email, or a card, he always signs his name "your earthly father"!! And this morning he reminded me of his old nickname for me "Sweet Pea". Then he told me something that just grabbed my heart--I have to make you understand that my dad is of British heritage, and has, throughout my life, been VERY reserved with his emotional displays (until his later years). He said that when he married my mom, she became the light of his life, and that when I was born (I am the oldest), the light began to shine my way!!! Isn't that sweet?? And it didn't really hit me til I got off the phone. My dad never, never told us kids that he loved us, hugged us, things like that until after my brother was killed in an auto accident at the age of 19 (way back in "77). But that opened up a new phase of "dad" and, to this day, surprises my sister & me. That's just one of the things that I am thankful for on this day. That I actually know my parents love me & are proud of me--don't ever have to wonder about that. And it's a great lesson--I have had a determination for the past several years to let those around me, both family & friends, know how much I care for them. Even everyday people I encounter at work or the store--I want to leave them with the feeling that I am just overflowing with love for humanity!!!

Ok, maybe this is a hormonal day---but hey, it's a good one!!!!! Enjoy this Saturday---love the one you're with---teach your children well---and listen to Cosby, Stills, Nash & Young! And Dolly!

Fill In Friday

Got this from Tuesday Update!!! It's fun--if you choose to do this, send me a message cause I want to see yours!!

1. Once upon a time I thought I would have all the time in the world, that my kids would stay small forever, and that I could do everything I set out to do!!!

2. Goblins screaming and bats flying, Halloween comes quickly.

3. I don't like white tea and ginger--my preferences run to black tea and cinnamon!

.4. Way down yonder in the land of cotton???

5. Keys hold opportunities; locks are for scaredy cats.

6. Have you seen baby pigs? They're so cute & pink!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to going out to eat with my hubby , kids and Hank, tomorrow my plans include ( that was tomorrow--I just realized it's early tomorrow morning!) and Sunday, I want to be really, really lazy!

Friday, October 12, 2007


Well, here's another Friday!!! They just seem to come so rapidly anymore! And I just seem to cram so much into the "in between" days that Friday is lookin good!! That and it's payday! Gotta love that payday---
Last night I participated in Taste of CV and it was a small success. Not the turn out of last year, but advertising wasn't as good either. The organization lost it's director in July, and I truly think the effects of her good works are just now being felt! But, had rave comments on the food I served & cake I decorated, handed out lots of cards, so that, in my eyes is a success!!! The downfall is that MY FEET STILL HURT!!! At least at the office today I can sit on my fanny!!!
Dear Penny has returned from the Ukraine with what I sweetly call--"travelers trots"!!! She was even admitted to the hospital yesterday for 24-48 hours observation--extreme dehydration & some type of intestinal bacteria. What a welcome home!!! You go & help another area of the world, do your good deeds, and end up with yucky stomach!!! Feel better today Penny!!!
Let's see, a bridal shower tomorrow, a cake tasting tomorrow and a cake for Monday evening and I'm finished for a week!!! Tuesday has a glow around it!!! Fall break for the school is Wed - Fri, so I'm off those days & WHOO HOO I get to keep Hank!!! He just isn't old enough to know how I'm going to spoil him those days!!! We're going to take pictures at a pumpkin patch (already have a custom "pumpkin patch" frame), eat ice cream and play, play, play. Oh, and I'm going to take him around showing him off!!!! Looking forward to Hank coming over puts a lift in my step!!! That kid is soooooo lucky to have me as his ya ya!! I'm going to be the one all the other kids envy!!! ha ha ha
Get to have dinner out with my kids on Saturday evening!!! Hubby is taking us out for my birthday---BUT no age will be discussed!!! Have you seen Kenny Chesney's new video for his song "Blink"---makes me tear up every time!!! And it's soooo true--you blink and the years roll by. So--to all my blog homies---let's make a pact---let's (from this minute forward) make the most of each day. Sounds easy huh? Maybe we should wear reminders--post its all over ourselves saying "I am making the most of this minute"!!! Thanks for the reality check Kenny!
Hey--I gotta get off here and frost two cakes to take to work with me this morning!! They are small, small, small, but they still need my attention!
Have a great weekend friends--more later.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Simple Treasures AGAIN!!!!

Keep reading down the column--my feeble attempts to attach photos is frustrating me!!!! This is the last of the pics for now!!! But, doesn't she have some cute things??? And all in "littleville" which has less than 5000 people!!!

More From Simple Treasures---

For some reason, I can't seem to get the hang of posting multiple pictures!!! So, here we go again!!! Here are some of the items she has that aren't Halloween:
So these are a few of her things--really like the animal trimmed glasses!!!

Simple Treasures--A Quaint Little Shop

I want to share photos of a shop here in the little, little town in which I live. The gal who owns it is a friend of mine, and I took some pictures to email to people I work with. We live just 25 minutes away from the "big malls" and sometimes that makes shoppers bypass the unique items they can get here. So, I'm doing my part for commerce in "littleville" and trying to send some business her way!!!

Are these cute or what???

Tuesday, Tuesday

Yes, I know--the song is actually Monday, Monday--I just always am behind by about one day!!!

Each week I think, "oh, this is going to be a slower week" and each week, it gets filled! This week I have a luncheon today, church dinner tomorrow, Taste of CV (city I live in) Thurs, two cakes to deliver Fri am, a bridal shower to prepare & deliver on Sat, and a cake tasting on Sat afternoon!!! The Taste of CV is a function of our Downtown Main Street program, and incorporates all the area restaurants to set up in businesses along Main St from 5-8 pm. Participants purchase one ticket which entitles them to taste all of the offerings!!! You probably have been a part of, or heard of this type of event. I'm setting up in a really neat little shop that has lots of trinkets, jewels, lotions, candles, etc., and the gal who owns it is darling!!! Can't wait to spend the evening with her.

Heard from dear Penny as she makes her way back from the Ukraine. Sounds as if she has the "Travelers Trots"!!! She has asked that I make a Drs appointment for her on Thurs--now that's serious!!! Hope she can get in---

Went in late to work yesterday am--as I am having TROUBLE sleeping, I took a melotonin tab on Sunday around 8pm and slept like the dead all night--it was heaven!!! BUT, couldn't get the body to waken Mon am, so I had to go in late!!! Really hated that--ha ha ha

Decided that I need some new things to wear this fall, so stopped by Old Navy yesterday. Now, I have been seeing on some different blogs the cute things others are buying at different places, ON included. Why is it that when I go in, there are never cute things????? And their t shirts, and knit shirts are FLIMSY!!! I dont' do flimsy well--tends to hug the areas that I would rather hide!! But I was able to find a long (and I really mean long) wool skirt for $9.99--it'll probably cost that much to have it hemmed--and I think I could make a jacket & vest out of what's left over!!!! I also found a sweater dress that I hope will look okay. Ever buy something, and think, "well, when I get all the underwear that holds me in, it'll look better"? I know that's dangerous territory, but I have to wear something!!! Also bought 2 long sleeved tops referred to as "baby doll". That implied that they would be looser as they get closer to the hips??? They actually fit just fine. Am not getting the "baby doll" description!!! I wasn't estatic when I left, but felt like I did have a couple of options -- and if the temperaturer will EVER fall, I can wear these items!!! Just have to find opaque tights for the sweater dress, and of course, some boots. Are you seeing that I like to have everything covered????? Even the ankles????? I am not that modest, it's just that as the years go on, I have developed not only cellulite, but spider veins that looks like the inter city road map of NYC!!!! It just feels better when no sking except the hand area is revealed!!! Between that cosmetic fault, and the tummy that won't go away, I tend to feel a bit self conscious!!! What a life!! I keep thinking if this tummy would just retreat a bit, I could have alot more clothing choices!!! No matter how many situps, how much I walk, how little I eat, the only place I can't loose is the tummy!!! It's forever stretched--not fair! I only had 2 kids!!! Forget the fact that the first was over 9 1/2 pounds!!! And I'm only 5' tall! And, that was 28 years ago. The tummy never forgets! The revenge is to stay as a reminder for what I put it through!!!

Enough--I must find a positive thought -- oh yes, I do like my blue eyes!!! I'll just find clothing with arrows that point upward! That'll be a distraction!!! Yea, right!

Well, must close for now--have already baked 5 layers of cake this morning & it's just 6!! Now off to get the luncheon things ready to go. Oops, here it comes, now I'm sleepy!!!