Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Heart Day!

It's Valentines's Day---I hope you have a happy one!
Me? Well, I have to work today to make Valentine's Day special for some others. I have a dinner to prepare & serve for a local church. And last night I prepared & served a rehearsal dinner. (Well, me & my faithful staff!) The rehearsal dinner was at the Will Rogers Birthplace--the dinner was held in an enclosed portion of a barn that is rented out for use. It has huge windows on the east end that over look the large lake. The barn adjoins the enclosure, so one gets the sights & sounds of the farm. And it was just lovely! It's miles out of town, sits on a dead end road and is surrounded by only nature! I'm wanting to find a reason to book the room for personal use!!!
In all of the hustle & bustle of this week, I did find time to get Hank's valentine to him (via his mom). I found some Lighting McQueen rain boots---he's gonna love those! And I was able to send cookies to his mom & dad, and drop some off for my son. I also took my son's girlfriend to lunch on Thursday----so! all bases covered! AND, I was able to work in my hair appointment. Now, THAT was important. Especially if you had seen my "true colors" coming through! So, all's well with the hair world.
Sunday evening the Ya Ya's are going to finally, FINALLY, get together! We haven't been together since the Saturday after Christmas, and I'm needing some "Ya Ya Therapy"!!! We're going to eat & back to Ya Ya Carol Ann's to watch The Secret Life of Bees. Can't wait!
It's another busy time for the kitchen. I am so grateful that I have each and every day filled with orders, sometimes two & three orders, and I do love what I am doing, BUT I gotta tell ya---I am seriously needing some time off. I would love---LLOOOOVVVEEE---about a week of down time. And each time I see a day of opportunity someone calls that I can't turn down---or calls with a large number lunch---and I'm at it again. In this economic slump, I'm just afraid of not stockpiling the checking account!!! So, maybe I'll get some time in the spring. The house is saving all that cleaning for me---no elves coming in during the day or late at night to help out. We're just treading water in that regard! Keeping dishes washed & clothes clean! One of these days Boomer & Abby have GOT to learn to help out!!!
Well, it's early on Saturday, I want to read the paper, and then heigh ho, heigh ho, it's off to the kitchen I go.
Have a great day----EAT CHOCOLATE!!!