Monday, October 19, 2009

Apple Butter Making Days!

This is my son-in-law stirring the apple butter in town square at Mt Vernon MO.
Courthouse steeple in Mt Vernon.

Apple Butter Making Days awards. Think these were "special order"????

And here we are--except Erin, who was taking the picture. Daughter, son-in-law, son, me, Hank, hubby. Yes we all loaded up (even my sis & her husband--I'll have to share more pics later) and drove to Mt Vernon MO a couple of weeks back for Apple Butter Making Days. This is a festival that has gone on for several decades. It's a BIG deal in Mt Vernon & over a 3 day time period, they have around 30,000 visitors--not too shabby for a town of around 4,000!!!
Lots of crafts, talents, and food--lots and lots of food. Lots of apple butter! It sells out quickly so we got our case first! And it is delicious!
Looks as if this will be our vacation this year. The economic fall hit us pretty hard, but we are recouping! Hubby finally found a job in June, and the catering is steady, so can't complain. We are determined to stick to our policy of not owing for anything-- no vacations, no big outlandish Christmas presents, no THINGS. It's quite freeing actually. We no longer assess our "wealth" by the things we aqcuire. We've become more focused on who we are than on what we have. And it feels pretty danged good! We now know to enjoy each & every moment regardless of where we are, we take time to visit with family rather than taking time to decide what we shall do! Time will come when we can visit the country, but right now, we are so very grateful for how God has blessed us. We have health, we have food, we have a roof over our heads.
And today, of all days, that being blatantly shined in my face. I am on my way to a funeral--a girl I was raised with, her mother is one of my mother's best friends, we spent alot of time at their home growing up. She was 4 years younger than me, so we didn't "run around" with one another. But she was part of my background. And she passed away suddenly Thursday morning--died in her sleep. Makes me stop and take stock of what is important. And it sure ain't things!!! It's my kids, my family, my husband, my spiritual growth, untangible items that are eternal.
Whew--enough of the "debbie downer"!!! It's a beautiful day--sun shining; I was afraid it had closed it's doors due to lack of funding! It's crisp cool--just the kind of weather that makes you feel alive. Pumpkins are showing up on all the doorsteps, fall colors are beginning to show themselves, the harvest moon is on the horizon. It's just great---I love this season!!! Best of all-The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown will be on soon---
And then the season of overeating!!! What more can a plump gal ask?
Ok, enough rambling. Have a wonderful fall day!!!