Saturday, September 8, 2007

Hey Penny Me Too!!!

Not to be one upped by my bestest Penny, I too have to add my "I's" to the blog!!!
1. I admire people who perservere, my daughter, those who endure hardship.
2. I crave CHOCOLATE!!! COKES!!!!
3. I dislike liars, people who try to impress others, weakness in myself, being away from my family,
4. I enjoy days at home, lounging in sleeper pants & oversized T's, cooking for my family, being with Hank!!
5. I wonder what I'll do when I grow up!!! ha ha
6. I want my kids to be safe, happy, the bills to be paid with enough left over for eating out & new shoes!!!
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to doing nothing, tomorrow my plans include a baby shower & going to Sam's Club, and Sunday, I want to rest, but the "entire fam" is traveling to see my niece's college soccer game & then take her out to eat.

I love lists--I even have on my bookshelf two "Books of Lists". I love telling about me & learning about others. I love sleeping late. Think I'll go try that one now!!!

Everyone say their prayers tonight & send praises to our Lord tomorrow!!!

Look What I Can Do!!!

Hey!!! Another craft project!!! Anyone out there watch MadTV? Stuart always says "Look What I Can Do?" and I love using that--silly huh???
Anyhoo--as if I don't have enought irons in the fire, I took mosaic tile classes locally this summer. I've always wanted to do something like this, and yes, I know it can be self taught, and is relatively easy to do, but if I don't purposely go and attend a specific time & place to work on things they just become more "stuff" I acquire!!
I absolutely LOVE working tile--it's very stress relieving--breaking and clipping pieces! And I tend to like to "free form" objects. I've never been too good at following rules--I like to see where the mood takes me!!
So, like them? I can't wait to do more--especially the inexpensive glass containers that flowers arrive in. So Mr. G--send more flowers!!!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Pretty Little Church

Isn't this a pretty little church? It's actually a church in Lake City, Colorado. I took some pics of churches when we were there in August. Yeah, I was going to really do something with those pictures & the pics of flowers I took!!! Well, I did have some luck cropping this & printing in b/w. And the flowers did turn out ok. Gotta start somewhere!!
Actually went to a church today--not in Colorado!! Here in Oklahoma. My "ya ya" pal's dad passed away so it was "road trip to the funeral"!! A 2 hour road trip. On the way back the funeral was critiqued (sp?). It's too bad people aren't prepared to be eulogized when they pass. Perhaps if we considered, each day, what would be said when we're gone we'd live a little more carefully, love a little more publicly, hold onto those who are dear a little more tightly. Going to funerals always makes me reflect on my life & what will be said when I'm gone--besides "she sure liked sparkles!". I want it to be said that I loved my husband & kids more than anything else on this earth & they KNEW it! I want it to be said that I could always be counted on for a helping hand, a listening ear, an open heart, and a loving character. I want it to be said that I loved my Heavenly Father so much that I wanted to share Him with others. "All that and she kept her gorgeous figure"-- ha ha ha!!!!

Wow What A Day!

Well, this week started off great and went downhill from there!!! I'm really hoping today will bring a bit of joy!
Yesterday a lady at my office got the news that her 7 year old granddaughter was being taken into surgery to remove a mass from her brain. The surgery went well, and the surgeon said he was certain he got all the mass, that lab results would not be in until Wed, and that if it WAS something worrysome, it was low grade.
Then mid morning I got a call from my son-in-law--he had just received a FedEx letter informing him that he was being recalled to active duty and would have another tour in Iraq; this would make #3. He has been discharged from the Marines for 18 months, but, of course, you remain "available" to them for 3 years after discharge. Needless to say, he & my daughter were devastated. They have one son who is 17 months old--he was in Iraq for the entire pregnancy & returned home 5 days before the birth. And, he was just accepted into & began attending nursing school through an extremely competitive program. AND, they had just sold their house (close on the 21st) and were moving to some land given them by his grandfather.
Just when things seem to be going well???
This follows on the heels of my own son's surprising divorce. He had been married to a darling, beautiful young lady for 1 year & 2 months when she announced that although she loves him & he is the perfect husband (???), she didn't want to be married, or have children ever, and she needs to find her "passion" in life. It hurt us all as we had fallen deeply in love with her also--she's been part of our life for 3 years.
Ok, I know there are many, many people who are facing trials much worse than mine, but I just need to vent. I keep holding onto the verse "he will give you the desires of your heart". And my desires don't lean towards the materialistic -- I just want my kids healthy, safe and near! My faith is wavering, but I keep trying to refill the void with promises that I know my Heavenly Father has given. I do think that as one experiences trials, faith grows. Mine should be at least as tall as "an elephant's eye"! (Only Okies & musical lovers will get that! ha ha ha).
AND today I have to travel with two friends to another dear friend's fathers funeral. He was elderly and ill, but it's never easy!! Especially since there had been tension & estrangement in their lives.
Thanks for listening friends--it helps just to get this out and sometimes it's difficult to share with those family members and friends closest to you--after all, I AM superwoman!!!
I hope everyone out there has a blessed & happy day!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Dinner For 120!!

Dinner for 120--that's what I cooked tonight!!! Each year, Sept through May, I am the cook for Wednesday evening dinners at the church I belong to. This is my 6th year as cook, and I just LOVE it!!!! Now, I work full time for the school here in town, as an administrative assistant, but--my bosses (head honcho & asst head honcho) know that this is my passion, and they let me leave at noon on meal days! So tonight was the first of this season. I have one dear friend who comes in part way through the afternoon and helps get things ready, then I have 2 friends who come during the dinner and act as servers, and 1 who washes up. My dear, dear hubby is my right hand person--couldn't do it without him.
Tonight we had sloppy joes, baked beans, tater tots, salad, relish tray and cake. I'm feeling the tired right now!
AND--I have to deliver food for the monthly Chamber of Commerce here in Small Town tomorrow--homemade lasagne, steamed broccoli, french bread, salad & strawberry cake. So the lasagne is made, and the cakes are baking. Once again, I cook it the evening before, put things together before work in the am, and take my lunch time to deliver!!! Luckily, one of my bosses is Chamber President this year!!!
AND--I have an order to deliver 30 sandwiches, cookies & chips to the football game press box on Friday--did I tell you I also work closely with the Athletic Director!!! ha ha ha
They give me this business each home game!!
Needless to say, this is a busy week!!!
So are you wondering about the title of my blog? Well, I live in Small Town Oklahoma--my family has been here for decades--my grandmother graduated from school here in 1917!!! I love the Andy Griffith show---maybe because that town parallels the town I grew up in (Opie & I are the same age!!). I love this town. But I have a big BIG life--full of jobs, friends, family, co-workers, and lots of interests in this town and life. I'll have to tell you more about it next time.
Right now---I must check the cakes & cut the salad veggies!!!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Another Furry Kid!

This is Abby --we call her Abby Cadabby (Sesame Street!). She came to live with us last year. I have always wanted a Corgi & a friend of my kids moved and couldn't take her. She came to live with us and became a spoiled Corgi!!! She has quite an attitude--can be very stubborn--loves to play & go for walks, and we love her very much. Abby just celebrated her 4th birthday in June, so we hope to have Abby in our lives for many year. Anyone out there have Corgis? Would like to hear how you feel about them--any special oddities. Or anything you want to share.

My Furry Pals

This is my sidekick, Boomer. I think he's saying "Enough with the pictures already!" He's always beside me when I am on the computer.
Boomer came to me through my daughter. They "adopted" him from friends when my son-in-law was stationed in North Carolina with the Marines. Some of their friends were deployed to Japan, and couldn't take Boomer (who was then Midnight). So daughter took him in. Then when son-in-law was deployed to Iraq, daughter came home to stay, Boomer accompanied her, and he and I fell hopelessly in love. After staying here for 10 months, I couldn't let him go. He was mine all mine!!! And we have been best buds ever since!

My Little Boyfriend

This is my little boyfriend, my pal, my favorite little boy in the whole entire universe--my grandson, Hank. Grandson!!! That sounds so, well, like I'm OLD! But I assure you, I am NOT! Hank calls me "Ya Ya"--that's Greek for grandmother. No, I'm not Greek, but I borrowed it cause it sounds so "with it"! Yesterday Hank stayed with me and we had the best time, playing inside & out! I can't explain how very much I am in love with this kid!!! I thought my own kids were the bestest--I have always described them as the beat of my heart--now my heart has yet another beat! Can't imagine loving anyone this much, but I do!!! So, now you know--I'm smitten!!

I Think I Have This Right!

I think I finally have this blog right now!!! I have been trying and trying and have had all kinds of problems, but success ??? And I have my dear, dear friend, Penny the Queen, to thank for getting here! Patience has been spent on me--thanks Penny--you really are a Queen!
This is my first actual post! And I hope one of many--
Back to work today after a long, long weekend. I love weekends until Sunday evening, when the magic disappears! Then it's like a fast train, coming towards you at a remarkable speed, and there is nothing you can do except watch it! But, hey, weekdays are ok--
I am content with my "day job"; have a few fun people to work with. I really like my "after hours" job---catering & baking cakes!!! Someday when I am grown (at 105 years old), perhaps I will do that as a "one job only". That and craft my heart away. Used to do that years ago, and miss it terribly. I still purchase all the craft "stuff", which drives my man crazy. But when I go into the sewing machine, or look at the stacks of paper, glue, supplies, it is like visiting old friends. And occasionally I get to finish something!!
Ok, hope this posts well. And I will update my page and add pictures later.
Tonight, it's off to eat with my ya ya friends. They are the bestest in the world--and yes, Penny the Queen is one of em! They are the only really trustworthy friends I have. So hugs and kisses ya yas! And see ya in a while.