Monday, September 21, 2009

If I Had Known. . . . . .

It's now been a year since I quit my stable, regular hours job & bought a catering business. What a year! A year of getting my feet wet in this business--of learning how to take really deep breaths when frustrated, cause nothing else will suffice--learning who should do what around the kitchen---so many more "learnings" but it would just bore you to tears.

One major thing I have learned is how tough I really am. When I'm dead tired, but have to finish the dishes, set out the trash, make the paperwork for the next day, schedule orders in the right fashion, make a grocery list, I have learned I can keep on moving! And I have learned that I can only please one person--myself.

This "owning one's own business" is not for the frail or weak! The business never leaves--it's like a shadow, always right behind me. Even when I take a day "off" there are errands to run, groceries to purchase, menus to plan. It just never stops. And the stress of it all can be overwhelming! But, there again, I am one tough cookie.

I love the picture at the top of this post--even have a card. But it really, really has alot to say about my life! I "spot" clean, do laundry, wipe off the toilets, but my gosh--how I long to clean out the closets & rearrange the kitchen cabinets! That's how desparate I have become for "me" time!!! I'm willing to do housework to relaxe!!

Just wanted to keep in touch--hope you are all ready for fall cause here it comes!

Happy Fall!