Thursday, January 10, 2008

Yep That's It!!!!

This is what I spent the better part of the last 3 weeks looking like!!! On 12/27, if you read my blog, you will recall that I visited minor emergency for a headache that was MAJOR!!!! That was followed by a visit to Dr., meds, and then last Sunday, 1-6, another trip to minor emergency, where they determined I needed a CAT scan and sent me to ER.
After spending 4 hours in ER, hooked up to IV's (I HATE shots & IVs!!!!!), was sent home and advised to see Dr. No CAT scan--said they didn't do them for that type of headache (what the one that hurts in the head?????) So, Tues, went to Dr, and was sent for MRI. Guess what??? They actually found a small, small brain--hee hee hee. No, after all was said & done (and MRI normal), it was determined I had a "cluster" headache that caused a migraine. Have struggled with migraines all my life, but never medicated for such. And, believe me---a cluster induced migraine will send you looking for a steel wall to slam your head into!!! It has left me confused, jittery, sore, and wiped out! But, now that I'm on meds, the head doesn't hurt. Ya know, when I feel even a remote sign of discomfort in the head, I start getting palpitations! I don't ever want to feel that way again. I was telling my dear one last night, I feel so good!!! I don't think I realized how much it had taken out of me. But, life is GOOD!!!!
And, during all of this my prayer life took a turn for the more active!!! I kept asking God "please give me my miracle, and let my headache stop", but of course, in His wisdom, He knew that if the pain just "spontaneously" left, I wouldn't have followed up with treatment, and by golly, isn't that why he gave some the ability to be Drs????? I also discovered I am, again, anemic!!! If I don't take my iron pills, and have bloodwork done again in 4-6 weeks, I'm in deep do do with Dr.!
So, now that you have a glimpse into my life of excitement-------I am sooo excited!!! I got the bid to cater the Chamber banquet!!! It's a bit smaller crowd than in past years--only about 175, but I'm back in the saddle!!!
And, now that I feel good again, I'm going to actually enjoy this weekend by finishing some projects!!!
Well, it's late, but wanted to check in with all my blog homeys!!! Have a great sleep tonight!
Hugs to all.