Thursday, October 30, 2008

Things That Make Me Go HMMMMM

These are just some random thoughts whilst I wait for a cake to "set" so that I can put the final icing coat on.

Why is it that I could sleep all morning long Monday through Friday, but when Saturday & Sunday arrive, I am up before dawn? Can't go back to sleep so I get up, read the paper, re-read the Sunday School lesson, drink several cups of tea, and wait for the sun. The rest of the week I hit the alarm--snooze 5 more minutes please!

I hate low-rise pants. Can't wait for the style to return to the natural waist! When I was in high school we called them "bell bottoms" and "hip huggers", now they are just "low" and "super low". I wore them in high school, long before the battle of the "overflow". Now, I can only wear them with a top long enough to cover the tummy torment, and then, am uncomfortable all day long as the non-muscles in my torso press down, down, down on the pants. Which results in my pulling them up all day long. That's attractive!

Why do campaigns last so dadgummed long? And why are they so negative? Wouldn't it be great if, just once, a candidate got to the podium and announced "I am only talking about my plans and credentials. I will only tell you what I will do, and how equipped I am" Yea right, like that would happen.

Why does time pass so quickly when you are on a schedule, and so slowly when you are anticipating excitement?

And, now, I must return to my kitchen to finish yet another "work of art". Ha ha ha ha ha

Happy Boo Day!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween's Around The Corner!!!!

Happy Halloween!!! Isn't this a cute card?? Kari @ Just Livin Large made this for ME! I'm so touched--see that's what blog friends do. They think about each other, read to see what's happening and send little remembrances of holidays. At least Kari has the deciency to do that--me? I just think how nice it would be for me to share with others and then I nod off. Thanks Kari--you made my week!

And speaking of the cutest card--this kid is a card allright! He's growing by leaps & bounds. And he has such a sense of humor! I just hate it that I don't get to share in each & every day of his! But, when we do get to see him, I just soak it up like a sponge. We visited his new house Saturday, and he was so excited. He showed us his closet and his underwear drawer. Priorities you know!
I just love to see kittens sleeping. Don't they look comfy and warm? These are Hank's kittens, Stars and Stripes. (Yes, his mom and dad are very American minded! After all his dad IS a Marine!). My mom sent the kittens this bed, and they jumped right in for an afternoon nap. My idea of heaven!!

Yes, Penny the Queen is at it again! My BFF couldn't resist hanging herself in the wreath. Think she'd look cute on my front door??? Our ladies (boring) club had a "wreath sale fundraiser" for student aid (scholarship fund). Everyone was to fashion or purchase a wreath for the sale. This is the one I bought---I was afraid no one else would buy it and I didn't want the lady who made it to feel bad. Isn't that sweet of me??? Now I'll share some of the others we bid on.

This is the wreath I made. It went for a good price, so I wasn't embarrassed. I actually made it. Impressed aren't you!!!

I really, really wanted this one. BFF Penny the Queen made this one---her talents go on and on and on and on. But alas, it went out of my budgeted amount to spend for the evening! It's soooo cute.

And, we had some "general" fall wreaths. This was a popular one.
All of the wreaths were quite pretty, and it was fun bidding against one another. Between 16 ladies we raised over $500 for the college girls we support in our scholarships.
Last week was a BUSY one--I hardly had time to get in the car and come home!! This week I am slowing W A Y down. Hank is coming Thursday for "Trunk or Treat" and he's spending the night.
Sunday I am catering a 100 year celebration of the birthday of my church. Over 550 people have rsvp'd!~ So, I'm focusing most of my energy for that! I have 4 jobs scheduled for the week and that's it---saying NO to the rest of the calls. I'll be shopping, coordinating and baking for Sunday!! Then on Monday, I have a luncheon for 175!
Well, just wanted to share some pics and check in!
Have a Halloweenie week!