Saturday, March 21, 2009

I've Been Tagged---WATCH OUT!!!

I've been tagged---this is my first official tag! Michelle the Mosaic Queen tagged me & it goes like this--

Take a picture of yourself right now--do not go freshen up the face, do not straighten your hair or change clothes--take your picture. And then you must tag 5 others. Hmmm---do I know 5 people to tag??? I'll tag Penny, Kari, Tommie, Amber & Erin. And as I don't have links, I'll have to leave them all a messsage on their blogs!

We had the obligatory 3rd birthday party for Hank today. It was his first "real" party with people outside of family and it was at Chuck E Cheese! Rowdy, raucious, loud, chaotic---everything that appeals to Hank. He was in his element. And he was very, very good. Even ate 2 pieces of pizza and cupcakes! Even thanked everyone for the gifts & for coming. What a doll!

We've been at the kitchen for 7 days a week for the past 2 months. It's been hard to come home & blog, but I'll try to do better. We've had daytime, evening and weekend deliveries & work--hey, I'm NOT complaining, just explaining why I have been elusive in blogland---and why my blogs aren't toooooo interesting. I have "iron poor tired brain " syndrome; at times I can't even think!

Well, I'm gonna go & veg out for the rest of tonight.

Have a great Sunday! Be Blessed!