Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ohhhh Nooooo!!!!!

Oh my---here it comes!!! The holiday rush!!!!
Anyone else out there feel it?????? My house is a horrid mess---the decorations are not up-----the shopping is not done----catering is piling up------and I want, want WANT to enjoy this season!!!!
Add to that----I'M CONSTANTLY HUNGRY!!!!!!! Wake up hungry, go through the day hungry, end the day hungry-----STRESS MAYBE??????
It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!!! I think the person who wrote that was in the funny farm at the time. We listen to all these songs hailing the perfect Christmas, see magazines portraying the perfect holiday season, watch the HGTV specials showing how "easy" it is to make your home perfect for the season-----dear Lord, who are these people and where do they live????? La la land???????
AND--family gets extremely creative with their jabs and insults this time of year. Tried to "just suggest" a help to my mom yesterday and she BIT MY BUTT!!!!! Thank goodness we were on the phone! Otherwise, I think I would still be bleeding. And, of course, I'm more sensitive this time of year--could be the lack of sleep! And, dearest hubby comes home from work with that "kill" look in his eyes!!! Add that to the fact that he doesn't hear as well as he used to and it makes evenings so much fun!!! You try managing stress with the TV at earthquake decimal level!!
Ok, so I'm feeling a bit stressed this morning----just wanted to let those out there (who haven't reached perfection yet) know that I'm here holding the flag over the fort of "Good Grief, This is a Hard Season"!
AND, now I get to go to work at the office --- and smile when asked to do "just one more thing"!
Hey you guys----have a great day!!!! SMILE, it'll make em think you have it under control!!!!!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Let Them Eat Cake!

This is my latest--a cake for a baby boy's shower. Used a whipped icing this time instead of the traditional buttercream. It was actually quite good!! The buttercream is much more rich, much more labor intensive, but for a change this is good!
Hope all had a wonderful Thanksgiving--ate too much, laid around too long!!! I know I did!!! Both my parents & Gy's parents live within a couple of miles, so we don't have to do the "long distance" travel thing- We have a rather new tradition in my family (about 8 years running) of visiting an "outdoor" shopping center in the older part of the metropolis near us, for a "lights on" ceremony. Even tho the whole event takes only about an hour, it's fun to pack on the coats, drive like mad to make the light show, and walk around the mall, shoulder to shoulder, with the other people, looking in store windows, drinking hot cocoa. This year we took our Corgi, Abby, and my sister's Jack Russell, Petey; they dressed in matching patriotic sweaters (will have a picture of that later) and had a grand old doggie time!! Lots of people bring their dogs to this event, and some get quite creative with dressing them--kind of like a Halloween for dogs!! Abby was quite impressed and showed her best behavior!!! No growling at other dogs, jumping up on people, or trying to pull me this way or that--she was in awe of the crowd and just focused on taking it all in. So cute!
Friday we made a trip an hour away to pick up Hank so he could spend the night. He's now 20 months old and too cute for words--no, I am not biased!!! Then he went to spend the morning with my sister on Saturday while I prepared for a shower and anniversary reception Sat am and pm! We all have to schedule our "Hank fix" when he's in town!!! The reception was for 200 people and wore me plum out!!! When I got home had to ice 3 cakes--two of which are the pictures above--and then church on Sunday morning, lunch at sisters, shower, and church decorating Sunday evening!!! A full, full Thanksgiving break!!! And, now it's off to work in the morning. I have a rather quiet week, but come Sunday, I have events every day or night through Saturday!!! Ah, the joy of 2 jobs!!! But, hey, I want to take the whole family (at least my kids) back to Lake City this summer. Reservations are already made, so gotta keep working!!!
Enough for now. Let's get some well deserved rest; will check in later.
Sweet Dreams