Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Spiderman Came To Play

Spiderman came to my house this weekend! He spent Saturday & Sunday night. His mom came down with strep & she needed to rest---hey! I don't care what the reason is---I love to play with Spiderman!! ha ha ha
He actually had his face painted at a "Tabouleh Fest" a couple of weeks ago--I just thought it was so cute I wanted to share it with you.
And, as we weren't booked on Monday, I got to stay home with him. We played, went on a walk, planted flowers, took a nap--when Hubby got home from the kitchen I told him this was a BAD idea for me to stay home & keep Spiderman. Now that's all I want to do.
I truly think this is what I was created for--to stay home & care for my children, grandchildren, home & yard. This is where I excel--this is where I am the most content--this is where I find the most reward. I stayed home with my children til they were in middle school; at that time our family business went south, and I had to find employment to supplement income. I think that was the saddest day! I used to have dinners on the table, volunteer, make gifts for all, bake for others, and on and on. I was a regular Aunt Bee! And I loved it completely--without reservation! I keep thinking one of these days I'll get to do that again. Except there won't be little ones under my hem. Maybe I'll get to have the grandkids more often. Anyway, Spiderman needs an Aunt Bee type Ya Ya!
Yesterday I cleaned out a much ignored flowerbed. It took lots of sweat and muscle, but today it looks soooo pretty! And I have moved some fern, and now I have some canna from my mother's garden waiting to be planted. Ah, spring--how we love rebirth-- the promise of a flourish of life. Spring & fall --those are my most favorite times of the year. It has been raining alot here the past few weeks, and now the outside has really greened up---and the plants are raising their heads from deep winter slumber. It gives a soul such hope.
Well, must go for now. Tomorrow through Saturday are going to be busy work days--have a wedding for 350 to prepare a full meal for, along with 2 lunches on Thursday and one on Friday. But it sure was nice to have a reprieve from work.
Happy spring!