Saturday, December 27, 2008

Oh Yes, We DID!!!

Supplies for the food: $25.00, Party favors: $25.00, Breakfast w/the Ya Yas: PRICELESS!!!!!
Yes, we had our annual "come as you are" Christmas breakfast. We've been doing this for, hmmmm, what do you think gals??? Between 7 & 10 years???? It's such a fun, relaxing time to reconnect with our soul sistas. Due to the icy weather last year, we didn't get to have the breakfast and I think it affected me all year long. I'm certain I was a bit grumpier, a bit less thankful, more crochety---all because I didn't get my "ya ya therapy" to end the year. So, by gosh and by golly, I offered to host the breakfast just so we'd all get together. Ah, the laughter, the food, the mimosas!!! We sat and sat and sat and before we knew it, 2 1/2 hours had passed. and we STILL didn't get all the gabbing in. But we had to stop--committments, schedules, work, all of those voices calling us away.
Now, as you can see, we take this "come as you are" theme SERIOUSLY---not one of us is worried about make up, hair, or even what we slept in!! We just jump and run at the chance to have breakfast with one another. And when it's over the hugs and kisses are flowing---as if it would be another year before we're together again (which isn't so), but it's such a special time for us.
And I hope each one of you know, Barbs, Penny, Dalene, Carol Ann, Jennifer, how very, very, very dear to my heart you are. Each of you complete one facet of my exciting life!!! I don't ever want to imagine life without ya!!~
Love and hugs to all!!!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Wheeeee!!!! We Made It Through Christmas!!!

We had a GREAT Christmas week. Yes, WEEK!!! We began with Christmas with my hubby's family last Sunday, Christmas Eve attending services & chili at our house, Christmas breakfast at our house, and Christmas evening dinner at my sister's house. We are nothing if not a bunch of piggies!!! My niece & nephew got a Wii and a Rock Star Band for Christmas. Did we ever have us some FUN!!! The picture above is my son and my nephew boxing on the Wii. It was soooo funny---they kept getting closer and closer to the TV; as if they were actually going to jump in the screen and box!
This is our annual family photo. Of course, Hank is the star of the pic! His mom is holding him, and his dad is behind him. That's my son (the 30 year old one!!!) standing next to Hank & his mom. And, of course hubby and me rounding out the pic. And I do mean "rounding" ha ha ha

This is the Rock Star portion of our entertainment. We all took turns--when one could pry the instruments and mic out of the other's hand!!! In this pic my sister is the lead singer--my son is on guitar---and daughter is on drums. When I tried the guitar we got booed off stage!!! Even the dog, Petey, wants in on the action. Actually, he was jealous of the attention the TV was getting. He kept finding his toys, jumping on the footstool and dropping the toys, as if to say "Hey this looks fun, right?"

I know I have told you about the cookie making Saturday we have each December. We've been doing this for the past 5 or 6 years, and intend to continue the tradition. This year, as I was out shopping, I found these aprons at Hallmark marked 40% off. And, I couldn't resist. So I got one for each of us (now why didn't I have mine on and get in the pic????). I even got an extra, you know, just in case!!! So, next year we have "official" aprons to wear!!! They had some for kids that said "Cookie Taster" and I may go back and get some of those. I'm sure we'll add little ones through the years---Hank was with us this year but he had NO interest in cooking!!!
It was a blessed and happy Christmas for all of us. I hope you found the same joy. And that you kept the meaning of Christmas in your hearts as you celebrated.
Happy Holidays!