Saturday, September 6, 2008

Mountains of Meringue

After delivering the meals for today & tomorrow to the tennis club, I came back to get ready for the meal for tomorrow! Another 7am-7pm day!!! (Repeat after me, Pam, I like this--I wanted this---I love to cook). Seriously, I am having a great time!! My sister went with me to deliver today, and at the tennis club we ran into some old friends. Small world!! Then we went to a new shoe store and I bought a pair of shoes---like I will ever have time to wear them! They are DEFINITELY NOT work shoes.

So, after getting back here's what I did: (and this is for 50 people) Mandarin Orange Salad, Hot Rolls, Green Beans, Party Potatoes, Beef Brisket, and
(drum roll please!), 6 HOMEMADE cream pies--no pudding here--not even the cook and serve. No Way! These are "scratch" pies on "scratch" crust. 2 lemon meringue, 2 coconut meringue and 2 chocolate meringue! And then I made 2 fresh strawberry pies!! This after 20 cobblers for the tennis club today!!!

Hubby helped me in the kitchen today, and after I finished with the bowl for the chocolate pie, I left some in and told him he could have it. He said "Boy those people will have their tongues slapping against their lips to get this down!!" and then I looked around, and as he was taking his finger and skimming out the last bit of chocolate he said "I'm trying to figure out how to get my face down into this bowl" ! He was cracking me up!!! Now you see why I enjoy him helping out?? That plus he loves to cook and he likes the "commercial" dishwasher. He'll do a load and announce "Another full load in less than 2 minutes!". He's a sweetie pie. (No pun intended)

I have gotten some of the sweetest cards from some of the people I worked with at school. Some that I wouldn't have even thought cared! Just goes to show--if you treat people with dignity and friendship, they remember! I have always tried to get along with everyone else--life is just too danged short to feel mad or any other way but happy---and since I'm the one in control of my own happiness---I choose to be happy !!!

And sappy!!! Sorry about that left turn!

Anyway--the feet are a bit tired tonight, and I have magazines stacked up to look through. And the sofa is calling my name!

So all of you have a great Sunday and I'll keep you up on the wonderful world of catering!!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

My New Kitchen--(or, where my life is now!!!)

This is where I spend my mornings, noons, and nights!! These, of course, are chafing dishes--gives a new meaning to a "stainless steel" kitchen!!!
This is the "project" board. It holds jobs for a week at a time, and when that day is finished it is erased. This shows Sat & Sun jobs I have. Today we prepped all the salad stuff for Sat--100 people both days, three salad choices each day, cobbler each day and bread each day. And all delivered by 11:00 tomorrow morning!! Needless to say, I was on my feet ALL DAY today!
Here's my new office! I used to have a rather professional looking office at the school, but I have to say, I like this one better!!
All the dry goods & the ice maker! Lots of staples, lots of seasonings. But we have to replenish quite frequently!!

I'll stop here. I have some more pics to share, but right now, my feet are throbbing and I just want to recline on the sofa!! Hubby is at the home opener football game, so I don't even have to talk to anyone!

And would you believe I'm having Cheerios for supper!!! Hey if Seinfield can so can I!!!

Have a great Friday evening!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Adventures in Catering--Day 1

Man oh man oh man!!!! This has been one heck of a day!! Got to the kitchen at 6 this morning, and we had only one lunch to prepare & deliver. And it was a salad bar, so it wasn't much work at all.

Then, as we were picking up supplies, got 2 calls for tomorrow!!! And we had one on the calendar. So, we shopped for food, went back and prepped all that we could, made bread dough, made pies for Friday, and cleaned up. At 4:30 we left for the day!!!

I am quite tired. No, I am REALLY tired!! Most of the work for tomorrow is finished, but there is prep for Thursday. If we get too many for Friday, I think I'll call in sick--ha ha ha.

What is on the menu for tomorrow? Creole Chicken over rice, Herb Roasted Chicken, Italian Green Salad, Napa Cabbage Salad, Green Beans, Homemade Bread, Italian Cream Cake, Strawberry Cake, and Banana Pudding!!!!! We will have served 96 people. In three different locations!!

Anywho--it is an experience. And I am enjoying it (grimace face---yes, I am!!!). Hopefully it will get smoother and a bit easier--dare I think that?????

But on Thursday I shouldn't have to go in at 6---probably will start late, you know, like 7!!!

I'll keep you posted!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Please Pray for My Friend

Hey everybody--please pray for a friend of mine, JeanAnn. She lost her 14 year old daughter to cancer in July of this year, and she is having a very difficult time. I am sure she is going through the grieving process, but she needs prayer to hold on. She has two younger sons, and works at the school, but yesterday in Sunday School, a couple who are very close to her expressed their concern for her. And asked for prayer. If you want to read her desperation, go to and type in Mackenzie Sunday. It tells her daughter's story. In the "journal" side, JeanAnn posted last Thursday evening. You can feel her pain, and her overwhelming grief.

As I said, there are so so many who have gone through this before her, and agree that this is part of the process, but I would just like to reinforce her recovery with prayer. Haley's mother (from Owasso) sent JeanAnn the nicest email, and I hope they can make contact with one another. Haley lived only 10 or 15 miles south of us.

Anyway, that's all I have to post for now. And I appreciate your prayers so very much.

Have a great week, and remember to be thankful for the blessings you have in the here and now.