Saturday, December 15, 2007

Saturday, December 15

My Hank! He just makes my heart swell--I can't imagine life before he came and brought us joy! Read on below!!!

It's just been a perfect "Mayberry" week around here! All the family together, nowhere to go, watching Christmas DVD's, home cooking every night---the only downside has been the ice storm, and all the unfortunate without power. Other than that little bit of discomfort, (!!!), I have had the best time.

I've had my parents here (questionable in the comfortable area, but fun), my kids, and grandson, and we have just felt save with each other in sight.

Mom & Dad returned to their home, with generator power, yesterday. Today, after spending the day baking cookies all afternoon with daughter & sis, my son came in, received a call: his electric is back on, and out he went. (I can't believe he didn't want to stay just one more night!!!). Then daughter received a call from her area, and their electric is on. They started packing up like hummingbirds on crack, and are leaving in the morning. AND THEY ARE TAKING THE SWEETEST KID IN THE WORLD WITH THEM!!!!!~

Do any of the rest of you get this "sad from the bottom of your heart" feeling when your kids leave? Am I just emotionally sensitive? Already I am missing them!! And I'll see them next Sunday!!

But, you know, I always got terribly sad when they would leave for college after a weekend at home. Many times I just had to cry for a while, and feel my heart ache.

I really, really like my kids within sight! If we could afford to live like the Ewings on the old Dallas show, I would do it in a minute. Wish I had the land and all the house "wings" for us to just stay together. Aren't I silly?????
But, just look at that sweet cherub in the first two pictures---now you know why I'm so smitten. And why I can hardly stand the thought of being away from him--even for a week!!!
Well, anyhoo--I am just rambling. Truly tho, family is the most important possession in my life. And I guess it has gotten more valuable as I get older and realize just how much is invested in a family.
Ok, on to Christmas decorating & present wrapping this next week. I think I'm finished with all shopping except for one person---I'll wrap that up and have time to sit back and enjoy. Sometimes I think, when I traveling life too quickly, the good Lord slows me down in the most interesting ways. I've had time to get my cards out, get my baking done, get my shopping done, & now I have time to get the presents wrapped, the decorations finished, and even have time to go eat out and relax with hubby this week!!!
Well, friends, I'm tired tonight, so I'll sign off and get some sleep. Have a wonderful tomorrow---

Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Big Chill!

Storm of the decade, right here in my front yard!!! The first picture is my car sitting beside evergreen trees that lined our yard on the north. Second is Queenie P's house--see all the broken limbs? Next is Queenie's next door neighbor--no difference! The fourth picture is of our back yard & a car we had parked waiting for spring to sell--ok, I won't tell you that I TOLD him we should go ahead & get rid of it!!! The next picture is my pretty redbud trees, the ones I love to watch bloom in the spring. And the next picture is looking out my front towards a neighbor's home. Every stinkin tree in my yard is broken, along with every stinkin tree in the neighborhood! But, you know what? No homes were damaged on the block. And I did hear about tree limbs crashing into kitchens, dens, etc. So we were indeed fortunate!
The town is still mostly without electric. Did I mention my parents are here? They don't have electric as the meter box was torn down by limbs, the limbs have to be removed & box reattached before they can be reconnected! Now, have I mentioned the patience my mother has????? She is certain this is a direct insult to her personally! She keeps wanting my dad to call city hall & find out exactly when they will have her electric on---and she wants an electrician NOW (doesn't everyone in town????), AND FIND SOMEONE TODAY to take those limbs down!!! Forget that people have been called in from other towns to help city & rural electric with restoration---forget that the Baptist Relief team is here volunteering their services & 2000 people are begging!!! Forget that no one else has their Christmas shopping done, decorations up, etc., etc., etc., NO this is a problem designed to make HER mad---and we all get to listen to this on a MOMENT BY MOMENT BASIS!!!!! There isn't enough Lexapro in the world to make us calm!!! But we are all biting our tongues, enduring headaches, etc.!!!!!
On the other hand!!! My kids (especially daughter with 20 month old son who is 1 1/2 hours from home) are patiently waiting for nature take it's course, and people to work at their own break neck pace. They are so gracious and good to have around!
Well, don't I sound like a pleasant person????? Well, let me tell you, Queenie P has her story too-----I hope she doesn't disable her hubby before power is back on!!! She just might. Especially if she has to attend her son's college graduation after showering at the university!!! Which is what her hubby suggested!! Don't you just feel the love and goodwill flowing around here???? Does the term "cabin fever" bring to mind any images????
Ok, well now it's time for me to fix supper--I'm going to fill their bellies with chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes & gravy, rolls, etc. Maybe that will soothe some ragged nerves!!!
You all just keep those good thoughts headed this way!!!
From the North Pole, Oklahoma, I'll see ya later!!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


It has been COLD and ICY here in Oklahoma!!! And, lo and behold, my little town was on the new as having received the "brunt" of the ice storm!!!

We lost power Sunday morning around 2 am and just got it back this afternoon (Wednesday) around 2 pm. Hubby bought a generator Sunday morning first thing, so we had "limited" electric, and we have a gas water heater and stove/oven, so we had hot water, and the ability to cook. We were living the high life compared to neighbors, including Queenie P!!!

Our town looks like a war zone--hopefully I can take some pics this evening and post them, I just wanted to communicate with all my blog buddies! Every tree in this town has been affected. Either completely obliterated, or damaged; limbs down everywhere! Power lines have "leaf chandeliers" hanging from them, roads are blocked by fallen limbs, houses have damage from the limbs--we have a car sitting in the backyard that has limbs all over it. It's just rather, no it's not rather--it's just REALLY sad. Our trees will never look the same, and so many were old, stately trees.

Well, I'll sign off for now & post more later.