Friday, December 5, 2008

Hooray for Friday!!!

This is one Friday I am going to ENJOY!!! Beginning next Tuesday, I am booked each and every day and weekend!!! So, today is the day to finish cleaning & decorating around the house---that plus I have a family dinner here on Sunday afternoon. And, since I am away from the house so much anymore, cleaning & decorating are actually enjoyable-how sad is that?????
Last evening was the Christmas Gathering that many of my friends and churchmates attended. It was simply wonderful, just as anticipated!!! The workshops this year included decorating tabletops & doors, new goodies for stocking stuffing, women's health, and ---drumroll please---cooking!!! It was fun and refreshing. AND--we got lots of good food to eat & the recipes too! It was ended with a devotional which reminded all of us to put an internal emphasis on the blessings we have. What a fun night! I took my camera and fully intended to share pics, but after I dropped the camera in my purse, I promptly forgot about it!!!
Hey I have an idea--wouldn't it be neat to spread all the holiday options over 12 months? There are home tours, dinners, special events, all that I won't be able to attend. Just can't fit it all in 4 weeks; but if it were spread over 12 months---wow---I could do it all. And we could do away with the presents all on one night--maybe one a month. I think the pocketbook would appreciate that too! Well, it was a good idea--- Wait! That's what the birth of Christ does for all of us. The blessings He brought and the promises He gave last each and every month! We have churches to go into and celebrate each Sunday, we have His presence (presents) in our lives each and every day, and His blessings are multiplied as we give more and more of ourselves to Him!!! Ok--there you go---Christmas all year long!!!
Well, it's time---the boxes of ornaments and decor call to me---the dust and piles of "things" are begging to be put away, so I must go quickly to the "Grime Scene" and answer the "Call of the Soiled"!!!
All of you have a great day--enjoy the blessings of the season, and each day.

Monday, December 1, 2008

December Days

Happy December 1~~~

I love this time of year, and yet, it can be the most stressful time of all! Do you feel it whirling towards you? All of the shopping, cooking, cleaning, planning, card signing, event attending, etc., etc., coming faster and faster????????

Well, take a deep breath and repeat "This is the day that the Lord has made, I will be rejoice and be glad in it" I will, I WILL!!!!! These are the days we look back to as the "good ole days" and wish we had taken them with more care!

Yesterday, hubby and I forsook all responsibilities and (after church of course!), went to eat at a neat little restaurant, The Palace Cafe in the Cherry St district. Then we went to the Festival of Trees at Philbrook Museum. And then, my favorite of all!, we went to Utica Square and shopped at Williams Sonoma and Margo's. Two really big faves on my list! And we topped it off with a visit to Target---back to reality shopping--ha ha ha. It felt sooooo good to have no plan, just take our time and eat, browse and welcome the season. We haven't done that in such a LONG time. And may not for another long while, but it made me feel so settled. So ready.

I have a couple of things scheduled for this week and then---BAM! Next week it becomes marathon cooking once again!

My son turns 30! Yes, 30!!! His birthday is Saturday, and we'll have lunch for him on Sunday. Boy! That sounds like he has an old mother---NOT! It's all a state of mind as long as one doesn't look in the mirror or shop in the Jr Dept!! I think I'm pretty agile & hip for the mom of a 30 year old. I must say---I have enjoyed nothing more than being the mom of my two children. They have brought such joy and fulfillment to my life. I just wish I saw them more these days. You know--they think they have to have these separate lives!!

Went to visit my daughter, son in law and Hank on Saturday. My mom had not seen her new home, so my niece and I took her. Then we had lunch together. I am so proud for them. They have worked hard to get to this stage of life---his two terms in Iraq, moving multiple times over 5 years, living in a little shoebox for nearly a year, his staff infection (which is fine!), her pregnancy with him overseas until the last 5 days. Well, I know there are many, MANY others with like and more dire conditions, but I'm still happy and proud for them!

Now, it's off to clean the house before I go and do major cleaning at the catering kitchen. Getting ready for that whirlwind to hit you know! Enjoy the holidays!