Thursday, September 11, 2008

Kitchen Capers

Week # 2 has almost come to a close---my second full week of being an honest to goodness gracious caterer!!! And, I still love it!!!
This morning I had to be in Tulsa at 6:30 AM!!! AM!!! Do you know what time I had to get up this morning??? No???? Try 3:45!!!! AM!!! My cat thought I had gone bonkers. He just sat on the end of the bed and stared at me with his sleepy kitty eyes. He seemed to be imploring me to "please come back to bed"! Finally he gave up the starefest and went back to sleep---I don't even think he knew I had left til I came back by the house at 11:00!
I delivered breakfast to a company for 10 execs. A business meeting breakfast. Oh I love being on this side of the work force!! They had a breakfast casserole, yogurt (no I didn't culture that!!!), a fruit tray ( it was pretty), bacon and ----- HOMEMADE biscuits!!! I had never made biscuits before, and had already purchased some "commercial" frozen ones, but then the guilt sat in. I found a recipe in our church cookbook (the person who submitted it is a big ole gal, so I figured they'd be pretty darn good) and gave it a go. They were yummy!!! I had a couple left over, and sent them home with my dad this afternoon. He called while ago to tell me how good they were----hours old and cold!!! So the execs MUST have enjoyed them!
That was all I had to deliver today, so after making a Sam's run, I went back, mopped the floor, and made a couple of pies. Sent a coconut cream one to my father-in-law (he's been delivering meals for me), and had a piece of a chocolate one, then took a couple of pieces to my mom & dad, and called Penny the Queen and told her to stop my--I had something she needed!!! Just sent it to her house. We'll all be roly polys if I'm not restrained!!!
I only have one delivery tomorrow---a wedding reception for 75 here in town. And most of that work is done. Hopefully I can get some correspondence out, and tweek my kitchen's website. And take a nap!!!
Well lovelies, I'd best get this flour out of my hair, my eyebrows, my nostrils, etc., etc.
Have a cozy night!