Monday, April 21, 2008


Ok, I'm really, really confused. The news has been reporting about a young (teen, I think) girl, who while a the mall, experienced a man taking a picture under her dress with his cell phone.

Yes, you read right -- UNDER HER DRESS!!!!! After reporting this, and after much "legalese", it was determined by a "power who be" (judge) that the man could not be prosecuted because at the mall, there is no expectation of privacy.


Under your skirt? Of your private parts????

Now, if she were in a bathroom, or dressing room, she could have that expectation of privacy, but not in the mall arena--so says the judge.

You have got to be kidding!!!!

We wear clothing to keep others from seeing our private areas. We expect that clothing to cover in a decent fashion. We DON'T expect someone to circumvent the clothing in order to photograph our private areas!!

So, does this mean that the flasher is no longer at fault? Should we expect him to cover himself in a public place? If the judge in this case is understood, I think not. We have no "expectation of privacy" in the reverse either. So, flashers should not be prosecuted. Except if they flash in bathrooms or dressing rooms.

And what about our undies? Should we be forgiven for indecent exposure in public areas? Evidently so according to this judge! We shouldn't even have to wear clothing--except in dressing rooms and bathrooms. There is no expectation of privacy in public areas.

So, I can go up to a guy, stick my hand down his shirt, and photograph his abs? Sure, anywhere but in the dressing rooms and bathrooms. He should have no expectation of privacy!

And, what about the girl--who if she is a teen---???? What if this lunatic puts her picture on the web? What if he alters it? Does she have an "expectation" that her image will not be used for predators?

I just don't get it!!! Expectation of privacy? Give me a break. And get that camera out of that judge's hand!!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Fashion H.U.R.T.S!!!!!

I love stilletos--always have, always will. They make the leg look longer (for me that's a BIG plus) and, gosh darn it, I think they are sexy!!! This is the closest to "looking sexy" I'll ever get!

HOWEVER, as I am in the throes of middle age, and seem to be falling victim to gravity, pollution, the sun, and everything else that causes one's body to erode, (except smoking----I don't smoke, yuck!!), I find that the pads of my feet are dangerously thin. And I still wear stilletos.

That said, today, after church, Big Daddy and I decided we needed to run to the mall--do not pass home, do not collect sensible shoes--I thought, oh heck, I can do this. I used to wear these heels all day long, and it brought just twinges of discomfort. Hello mid life!!! Once at the mall, walking from one store to the other end, my feet were aching like I was walking on hot coals with my toes turned under and my achilles heels sliced!!! I had to get back to the car, and I wasn't going down easy! I would prove that I could do this---age wouldn't get the upper hand! But, alas, after walking the entire length of the mall & halfway back, I surrendered. I looked at Big Daddy, and must have have had the appearance of sheer terror, cause he asked if I needed to look at "comfortable" shoes. I could barely squeak out "Please!". Went into Macy's and found a pair of flip flops that matched my Sunday best ( I am complete with jewelry to match the dress), and headed to the door. In the parked car I chunked the hosery and slipped my feet into those glorious flips! Didn't even care what the look said about me----continued my shopping with a re-energized determination!!!

What we do to look good!!!

Now, I'm not going to go into the fact that I was at the mall purchasing new clothing cause the old clothing has sat in the closet and SHRUNK over the winter. I think the ice storm had something to do with it. I hate the first stages of menopause. I swear this is why my boobs have grown---and my stomach to match. I swear this is what is up with the desire to eat each and every minute of each and every day!!! I swear that's why I toss and turn every night---go to bed so dead dog tired that I can't hold my eyes open UNTIL ---shazaam! My head hits the pillow and I am WIDE AWAKE for hours. Only to fall asleep for an hour and wake up fully awake! That's my story and I'm swearin to it!

Gotta run for now. It's late and I want to go WAKE UP!!! ha ha ha

Have a great Monday, and I'll be back (oh lordy--shades of Terminator!)