Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Oh Yeah It's Ladies Night!!!

Well, we finally made it!!! All 6 of us were able to be together the same night!!! That's a major accomplishment for us and our busy schedules!!! This is "Girls Night" at the local Melting Pot. The last Monday of June & July, there are special meal deals and showings. So, of course, we HAD to go!!! A local women's department store had a preview of their new skin care line, a fashion show, and a make over!!! We got samples of the skin care and my sis won a bottle of wine! And we had a four course meal!! How fun--it wouldn't have been quite so pricey but we just had to have us a couple of those fruity drinks!!!
Now I think the above picture is too funny!!! Penny the Queen & I are quite, hmmm, not sure the emotion, but this the dessert course, and cinnamom flames!!! We laughed at this pic til we cried!!!
But then we regained our composure and posed for this one!!! And we let Ya Ya D join the fun!!! BTW---the bananas foster fondue wasn't nearly as good as the dark chocolate one. Not to worry tho--we disposed of them both.
Here's Ya Ya C getting her fabo makeover!!! She doesn't wear too much make up as a rule and we were just shocked by her good looks. Not really!!! She is a doll without anything, she just looked so cosmopolitian!!!
And here I am with one of my favorite things--make up!!! The gal who did the make over even commented on how good my eye make up was that I had put on at home!!! Ha ha ha She even wanted to know what brand it was! I do love me some eye paint!!!
And here's sister Ya Ya J getting her beautification!!! She always has the most perfect make up on her own, I think she just wanted the make up artists to have something to do!!
And Ya Ya D joined in the fun!!! As did Penny the Queen and Ya Ya B, but I am getting tooo "make over" happy!!!
Now, can I just tell you we had a BLAST!!! We always do and it had been such a long time (it seems) since we had all been together.. We laughed and laughed and laughed. If a psychiatrist could bottle these feelings he would have the cure for most any mental ailment!!!!
We started laughing at Ya Ya C's where she has (in front of her gorgeous home) an RV parked with the awning out and the door open!!! We deemed it the runaway room. Anytime we feel tooooo stressed we have decided to call and let her know we need our time out!!!
I know I have said this many, many times before, but if you have some gal friends and you haven't had your time together lately, DO NOT PASS GO until you round em up and have some therapy!!! I love these gals soooo much and I just can't imagine going through life without them. What a blessing!!!
Now, I'm still suffering from an over done weekend and partying late last night, so I have to close and rest before I go to bed!!!
Happy July!!!