Saturday, October 6, 2007

I'm Not Up To Being A Cheerleader!!!

Well, it's 12:45 a.m., I can't sleep (again) & in channel surfing I have come across "So You Want To Look Like A High School Cheerleader Again"-----you wouldn't believe the luggage these gals have!!! Not only is it high end designer, they have TONS of it at FAT CAMP!!!! And their boobs are totally too well supported--you get my drift. I guess I just don't want to be a cheerleader--can't go through the vanity, the selfishness, the shallowness that these gals are portraying!!! I guess I just don't have the right mindset. I guess I'm more of a Gretchen Wilson gal!!! They are cracking me up--the tears, the whining! I'm thinking I could sure write a more substansial TV show for all those out there like me, who don't sleep more than 3 hours at a time, are too spacey to read at this time, and just channel surf!
Last week I caught myself watching (deer in the headlights thing) "Rock of Love"--the show where Bret Michaels of Poison is trying to find his "true love". Looks like he's settling to me. My gosh, he could buy a gal--and those who are on the show look like they've been bought more than once!!! His choices included a pole dancer, stripper, cocktail waitress--and he can't figure out why he can't find his "love"????? Someone get that guy a "Dating for Dummies" book!!!
And what would my late, late night show be? How about "I Want To Craft Like Carol Duval"? or "Secrets of Martha"--Why do all the HGTV & Food Network & DIY goodies only play during the day??? That's when we're rushing around at work, or catching up on laundry, running errands, cooking for the family, etc., etc. When I can't sleep, that's when I need those shows!!!
Maybe the rest of the insomniac world is comprised of, sorry for this, but, MEN!!! I sure don't enjoy the outfits the gals are wearing! And, of course, there's always "Girls Gone Wild"--yucko! Can't change that channel fast enough. How about one "Meals Gone Right"???? Ok, I'm off that subject now!!
Had dinner at my mom's tonight with all the immediate fam around. Boy, it was nice to have someone else cook for me. I don't care if her beef & chicken are cooked too dry!!! The past two weeks has been non stop catering, and I really, really couldn't stand the thought of one more dish to dirty or clean! Thanks Mom, you came through again!
Truth be told, they had a birthday dinner for me!!!!! My Dad kept asking, Now how old are you??? I finally leered at him and said "I'm NOT saying it out loud Dad, you know how old I am". Then he guessed a year older than I actually will be--the verbal slap in the face!!! Parents never loose the ability to take a kid down a notch!!!
I did get to spend some time with little Hank. He's starting to say words "a tar" which means he sees a star! And he calls my niece Kelsi, Ka Ka---no one else would understand how endearing being called poop is!!! ha ha ha He loves pumpkins, so I'm making him a pumpkin costume for Halloween. Love to make costumes!! If I could dress in costume every day, I'd be a seamstress full time. Wait, I think the word at the office is that I DO dress in costume every day!!!
We decided to dress up at the office on Halloween and since there are 7 of us gals we are going to be the Seven Dwarfs--Kari, you don't know how appropriate your post of the Seven Menopausal Dwarfs was! Try as I did, they still want to be the original ones! We drew for names, and, as fate would have it, I'm Dopey. How true!!! At least I don't have a high mark to aim for!!! ha ha
Shabee Chick--you can believe your eyes! It was Pistol Pete--hey, for the right amount of dough, I'll do the Longhorns. No I won't, never, that was a lie, can't even think of that, what a travesty!!! I can't believe I even said that!!!
Queen Penny--I hope you are well in the Ukraine. As I was telling darling son tonight where you are, he pointed out they are in the midst of a civil war. Now I'm worried. You and being in the wrong place at the wrong time seem to go hand in hand. Don't tinkle!!! I miss you terribly, and am counting the days til you return!!! Need me some therapy!!!!
Well the migraine is beginning to subside so I'll close. Excedrine Migraine is a miracle worker, except it makes me stay awake even longer. Wonder what lame show I can find now!!!
Sleep well all!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Yea! It's Friday!

Whew! Made it to Friday---you know, some weeks you wonder! The past 2 weeks have been a whirlwind of activity, and I am soooo glad to see Friday on the calendar!! Just have 2 more small events to cater this weekend, so I'm feeling the pressure subside!

Hubby has the day off on Saturday, so I'm planning a day of NOTHING!!! I don't want to get out of my comfy (read ragged, old t shirt & baggy cotton capris) all day. Now, this is scary, but I am actually looking forward to CLEANING the house!!!! That says alot about how busy I've been! Last Monday evening, as I had a meeting at the house, my home was clean and tidy--Halloween decorations up, clothes washed & put away, floors mopped, sweeper run, etc. So, now in this short time span can TWO PEOPLE dirty up a house????? And we aren't even here all day--we both work outside the home!!! Who comes in while I'm gone and piles things up? I think I've got it!!! The cat and dog spend the day looking at magazines & trying on our clothes! This would explain why the magazines are all over the floor, and clothes are strewn here and yon! And we aren't just talking a couple of magazines! Have I told you about my obsession with magazines???? They become like new friends to me--I have to have them around to look at over and over, and to find that "one" article or recipe that I must have! When I do purge the magazine pile, I feel like I am on my way to a funeral!!! Now I see Boomer & Abby are reading all day too! Those are two smart pets! Maybe I could just have them start cooking the recipes I flag!!

And, they must be wearing our shoes all over the house. Makes sense as to why there are shoes in every room! They have to wear 2 pair at a time, what with 4 feet! And evidently they drop 2 pair, run back and put on 2 more!!! I just wish they'd stay out of the underwear. You'd think they'd know that if we don't show off the underwear while wearing it, we sure don't want it all over the house!!! I honestly caught Abby rooting around in one of my purses the other day, so I know she is taking them on a fashion parade during the day!!

They also dirty up dishes! I don't know what they are using dishes for during the day--they have full access to their food bowls, but the sink is full of dirty dishes!

And these are the only reasons I can come up with as to how my house gets so messy in the short span of 4 days!! That's my answer and I'm sticking to it!!!

It's now time to get ready for work--oh shoot, I could have been tidying up instead of blogging. No fun there, and Fridays are all about fun!!! So away with that thought of what "should" be done! Instead, I'll start thinking about what we will get for supper at the end of the day--no cooking here--it's FRIDAY!!!!

Have a great weekend!!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Sharing A Picture of My Love!

Just had the most fun with my little grandson, Hank! He's 18 months old now, beginning to talk (a little), and really interact with us. He had stolen my heart before, but WOW--am I in la la love with him!!! I can hardly stand it when he leaves now, and to make things worse---when his mom says it's time to go, he runs over and plops down in my lap and says "Nuh Nuh Nuh Nuh"!!! Not that I don't LOVE that!!!!
And now a question for all my blog friends--are you guys professional photographers or WHAT??? All of your pictures are so colorful and bright, and focused so well. I guess I just hurry too much??? Maybe it's the type of camera??? Send some feedback my way. I'm beginning to be really intimidated by the beauty of the photos you, all of you, have online!!!
My friend, Penny, @ pennythequeen is in the Ukraine as we write. She's keeping us updated on her blog, so check in---I miss her so much!!! But I'm so very proud of her for taking this step. I don't know if I have the "where with all" to do missions in a foreign country. I hesitate at the thought of what I would eat (being a picky eater & all). Priorities, you know. I'm just going to stay state side and pray for them!!! ha ha ha
Kari, I thought of a couple of things that "grind my gears"-- here goes:
1. Aisle Reunions: Went to the fair a couple of days ago and was reminded of how irritating this is!!! It's bad enough that 25 million people are in one building and the aisles are 2 feet wide. It's bad enough that not all 25 million are courteous enough to travel in the same direction on the same side of the aisle BUT how about those families of 52, who as they are walking down the aisle, slowly creeping along, and you can't go around, they see their long lost NEXT DOOR NEIGHBORS--also a family of 52, and they come to a DEAD STOP, right smack dab in the middle of the aisle. Of course, all the foot traffic behind is going at a rate of speed that prevents slowing down, and now this powerhouse of people have halted, causing the speeding foot traffic to slam into one another with such force that people catapult small children over displays, moms go to their knees to retrieve purses and drinks, old couples end up in the rear end crack of the people ahead of them and disappear for hours! Come on people, have some courtesy--wave and say "meet me at the concession stand" or "see you when we get home"--but don't just STOP--at least begin by slowing down and veering one way or the other.
2. Strollers, Pull Along Luggage Shopping Bags--I personally have nothing against strollers--kids belong in them rather than running through aisles like canine competitors, but for crying out loud, quit putting all the kids and belongings in the strollers, and rolling them down the 2 ft aisles of craft shows and fairs, blocking the entrance to every exhibitor! And the twin strollers----give me a break---I'll pay for the babysitter if you'll just leave that stuff at home. And, of course, the kids are screaming to high heaven, they don't even want to be there, and to make it even more fun, they start throwing popcorn at the crowd around! Ok, that may step on a few toes, but it just grinds my gears.
3. Political Campaigns: I don't care WHO the candidate is, what the platform is, when the election is, or which party it is---every word that falls out of the mouths of the candidates has been written for our ears and for their benefit. Do we really, really believe that any, and I mean ANY candidate will stand up and tell what they really think????? That only happens AFTER they leave office and write their memoirs!!! I don't care what they promise, it ain't gonna happen!!! Each speech leaves us feeling like they actually MAKE their decisions, and that they, and they alone, will make all the choices when they are elected to office. And, good grief, can't candidates quit taking shots at each other? We tell our children that when they criticize, badmouth, compare to others they are only bringing themselves down to the other's level. Guess that conversation is banned from political party families!!! As a matter of fact, that may be one of the "commandments" of a politician!! Thou shalt bring forth all smut against thy adversary in office!!
4. (And I Apologize For This One) Bad Spelling: I was once an English major, and while I can excuse the occasional wrong word form, or misspelled word, reading the misspellings is like fingernails drawn down a chalkboard to me. And, I admit, I have accidentally used "effect" for "affect" (and had it pointed out to me in print by a newspaper editor, oh the shame), it's worth the effort to make certain, especially when publishing a word, an article, a newsletter, etc., that correct word usage is maintained!!! It is a thorn in my flesh that text messaging has handicapped the spelling of today's youth, and that "youth speak" is now what short hand was in past decades!!! As Webster adds contemporary words throughout the years, I just hope against hope that old words and meanings will be left alone!
Ok Kari--now that I have most likely alienated myself from blogland for my opinions, I am pointing at you for opening this keg of worms!!! You asked!! Everyone blame Kari--I was just following her lead!!! ha ha ha Better yet, blame it on menopause. Maybe the "gear grinding" is hightened by the hormonal fluctuations!!! Maybe I'll be kinder and more forgiving when all this "delight" is finished!!!
Good night friends, it also "grinds my gears" that hubby can sleep at any given point of time, and that he has already gone down for the night. Now I must endure the snoring!!! And the waking at 1 am!!! Oh sleep, where have you gone!! When will you return??? Am I doomed to the dark circles under my eyes, and the feebleness of my sleep deprived mind forever!!!!!

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Whew!!! It' s Over!!!

This was Saturday! The meal was for 200--and we pulled another one off! Delivered a luncheon for 50 on Friday, and there comes a point a day or two ahead of the events that I begin to feel a bit of a panic, wondering if I really will get it all done this time. But once I get past that point, it's smooth sailing.
I absolutely LOVE this--and someday I hope it will be a primary vocation, but it is so very exhausting! After being on my feet for 16 hours straight, cooking, setting up, serving, tearing down, loading two days in a row, my feet hurt, my brain hurts, my back hurts, and I am filled with such a sense of pride! Pride that I can do it, pride that my food is top quality, pride in my organizational skills when it comes to this part of the job. Maybe I am too proud, but I know I work extremely, diligently, backbreakingly hard, and it's just a great feeling when it all comes together. So--give me some feedback on the cake---I need to hear others opinions!
In the meantime, I am going to bed!!! After I take some Ibuprophen, take off the make up, and watch the news. I'm numb with fatigue!
I'm looking forward to "Menopause Monday" -- and posting some "pet peeves" --boy was today filled with them!!!
Good night all--sleep well.