Thursday, July 24, 2008

But, What Do You WANT To Do?????

No picture today. I have just downloaded 55 from my niece's camera from the Colorado trip---we're going to put scrapbooks together about our trip. And, I didn't want to look at one more picture right now!!!

Which brings me to the title of this post. I am going to have a major decision to make in a couple of weeks that will change the course of my life (in a good way), and which will take me to an entirely different daily routine. Or, if the decision is made the other way---things will stay as they are now. I'm hoping for the change. I don't want to post about it, cause I don't want to jinx it!!! Suffice to say, when the time comes, I'll let you in on the "Big Change"!!!

There's still one more thing I want to do this fall---I want to learn how to process digital pictures with a Photoshop program and learn how to change the backgrounds---do Warhol type prints. I just don't know which way to go. I don't know what program I need to look into, which class I need to take, I don't know anything!!!

I bought some notecards while on vacation and the subject was gerbera daisies---my new favorite flower! Anyway, the photographer had put the daisy images on a solid black background. They are simply beautiful! And this is what I want to do. If any of you have any hints, suggestions, ideas, please let me know. I feel so camera stupid!!!

So, tomorrow is my last Friday off for this summer. I'm going to finish painting my back bedroom. I have only had the supplies for this for the past 2 YEARS!!!!! Trust me, I'm NOT that lazy---I've just had alot, ALOT of interruptions---and work!!! I have already done the buttercup yellow base coat and marked off the stripes; tomorrow I'll paint the stripes--they are just a shade darker that the base coat. I wanted something very subtle. The new curtains are a black & beige stripe, the bed cover is black & off white toile, and I'm going to use alot of black accessories. I can't wait to finish. And if I'm pleased, I'll share pictures!!! Wish me luck!

I'm off now to put up the tape for the striping. Have a good evening and I'll visit later!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Last of Colorado for This Year!

Aren't these poppies pretty? They were outside the cabin in Colorado. Actually, they were planted all over town, and in yards all around Lake City. My mom has poppies here, but she said they die back in June when the heat gets too much for them. But, in this little utopia, they were ever blooming and GORGEOUS!!
And this was the epitome of serenity. We saw this "pond" at the very top of the mountain on our horse back excursion! And it was quite cool, literally cool!, at this point! Like about 75 degrees at 2:00 in the afternoon cool! Boy, do I miss this today--it's 98 degrees and HUMID here---sweltering is the kindest word I can conjure up! Walk outside and it takes your breath. Stay outside and your sweat glands go into overdrive!!! But sitting and looking at this picture (with the AC vent pointed at me) I can almost feel the breeze!!!

And, back to work -- this week is "gear up" for inservice and enrollment. I don't have anything to do with enrollment, but I have tons of papers to mail out, files to begin and a power point to finish for an inservice presentation. And I have no energy or enthusiasm! It's like this every year during the couple of weeks before school starts -- for me anyway. Maybe it's the heat of summer, maybe it's the regret for all those things I didn't accomplish, or maybe it's the sad realization that yet another year has flown by. Time isn't on my side!!! ha ha

So tonight, I'm going to allow myself to sit and look at just a few more magazines, and have a "couch potato" night. Tomorrow I'll --- well, I'll think about that tomorrow.

Pleasant dreams all!