Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I Love Wedding Receptions!

In my last post, I told you that I was doing a wedding reception on Sunday. And I did! It was held in an old, old house in downtown Tulsa which is now used for events. Wanted to share some photos of the items we provided. Above is how we served the "gourmet" shrimp cocktail--oversized martini glasses!
The bride's colors were blue & brown (duh!), so I asked her for permission to use those colors around the food. She happily agreed, so here's what we did with our limited budget (read $0.00). The flowers were provided, so we just "tweaked" the scene.
The bride had napkins left from showers, so we wrapped the eating utensils & used them as decor!

Another martini glass with hummus & veggies. Wish I had taken alot more pics--I did take a few more, but didn't want to overload your visual senses!!!
The bride & family were really pleased with our work--even tipped us! Whoopee!!! Then, come Tuesday, back to our routine lunch deliveries!! I really like doing wedding, anniversaries, birthdays, especially when we are allowed to join the decor! I'm going to enhance my website with some of my pictures. Maybe I'll get to do more decorating along with the food!!!
And, as it's now late, I'll close and wish you SWEET DREAMS!!!