Saturday, May 3, 2008

April Showers DO Bring May Flowers!~~

Happy May!!! I missed posting on May Day---wanna know why???? Cause I was delivering May Baskets!!
Some of the ladies from the church I attend got together for 3 Thursdays in April, and made May Baskets. Then on May 1 we delivered them to the Assisted Living Centers in town--we have 2.
Now, they weren't fancy by any means. We simply took a paper party hat, traced for our template, cut them out of cardstock, covered them with pretty wrapping paper, attached ribbon hangers, decorated with stickers, added a Bible verse and put artificial flowers & Spanish moss inside. Some of them were kind of gaudy, but it's the thought (verse?) that counts.
Ok, I have to admit- this WAS my idea. I have always, always loved the idea of May Baskets. Most of the young gals I talked to didn't even know what they were--shameful! So, it was a learning & teaching experience!! The smiles we got when we delivered them--WOW, it was so worth all the trouble of getting supplies, making them, giving up "valuable" time. One of the gals who helped deliver the baskets has a 3 year old daughter who helped. And when it came time to deliver, she showed up with a tiara on and a wand. How cute!!! She became "Princess May Basket". You gotta know the residents of the centers LOVED her!!! So now I'm all pumped up to make small stockings to deliver at Christmas! We're going to work all summer on those.
Doing things for no apparent reason just makes ya feel so darn good. Like a emotional pat on the back! And I believe no good deed goes un-returned, so maybe when I am old, gray(er) and lonely, someone will come visit me!!!
Today was a Senior Adult Banquet at church. Now, don't you know I am the "official" cook for this event!!! They are a H.O.O.T.!!! I love serving those people! If you are craving a good hug, this is the place to go!!! Some of them haven't had a good hug in days, and boy, do they love giving them out!!!
What? You wonder what we had for lunch???? Well, let me just tell you!!! We had pork tenderloin (marinated in an apricot nectar mixture), steamed broccoli with lemon butter sauce, cheese potatoes, baby spinach salad with homemade dressing, and lemon-vanilla parfaits topped with fresh strawberries! Yummy!
I usually don't like pork cause of it's dry tendencies, but that was the request, and Big Daddy took over the cooking and it was tender and succulent!!! A couple of the girls from the youth group were servers, and they had such fun! It's really good to see the youth get involved with the Senior Citizens. So much to give on both ends.
Had dinner with Hank last night!!! My niece turned 20 on Wednesday, and called all of the family together at Texas Roadhouse for her birthday! We had a great time. Hank was sooooo cute! I took a goody bag with a couple of cars, Spongebob cards, and little plastic lizards---he played all evening. I won my "Smart Ya Ya" badge! I felt so conpetent!!! One hurdle successfully handled. Now, you know that means the next one won't work!!! But, I'm feeling pretty darn proud!
AND--I took a couple of computer classes this week---one Power Point and one called "What About Blogs?" Boy, were they fun!
But now, dear bloggies, I am wiped out! It's been a long week, a long day, and I am feeling tired!!! And my feet hurt! So, it's off to the horizontal state for me!!!
Enjoy all the May flowers!!!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sunday Sighs!

What a farmer!!!

Did everyone have a great weekend??? Mine began on Friday; I took a "sick day"--mental health must be revived, right????

So Friday, I didn't get "fixed" all day. What a glorious feeling! Now I like to be all girly girly as much as the next gal, and I love feeling "good"! But now and then, one must just veg out! I cleaned the bedroom from top to bottom, and then I took a nap!! Ha ha ha. And I baked some cookies from Martha Stewart's new cookie book. MMMMMM

Saturday we took the long road to my daughter's--they are building a house, and the frame work is done, so off we went. Of course we went to see the house!! Hank was just a bonus--oh yes, you doooo believe that right???? My son in law's grandfather gave him 50 acres of land, and the views they have from every window in their house will be fabulous!!! No houses in sight, just hills, trees, and wildlife. They are off a highway, but sit back far enough that they can't be seen. And they have a gated entrance, so it's pretty safe. His parents live 1/2 mile down the road, his aunt another 1/2 mile and his grandfather a couple of miles west.
After leaving "the far country" we went to an Herb & Garden show in Jenks. Not too impressed. Seen one herb, seen them all. And lots of the vendors were jewelry, food, etc. More of a "carnival" event. I would have liked to have seen more garden decor items. Oh well.
Then on to the River Walk, where they were having an Art Show. It was interesting, but I was tired of looking at that point. Mosaic Queen, they had some mosaics but none to rival your work. And Fanciful Twist, they had no art that compared to yours!!! I would have done better to come home and visit my bloggie friends!!!
Then, of course, to Sam's! No trip would be complete without a trip there. Had to purchase food for Wednesday's church meal, along with food for a Senior Adult Banquet next Saturday. One fancy free weekend leads to another busy one!!! Wednesday is lasagne, and the Seniors have requested pork tenderloin. I have a new marinade I'm going to try out--it contains apricot nectar. Sounds yummy---I'll let you know!!
Sunday was church day, and NAP DAY!!!! Yeah, I didn't have a thing to do, so I took me a long afternoon nap. Recharge my psychie!!! And my body!!!
Next Sunday I'm going to a book signing featuring nationally renowned interior designer Charles Faudree. He's one of my favs & I am sooo excited! I'll let you know how that turns out!!
Well, bloggie friends, that's about it for my weekend!! How about yours???
Have a restful night!