Friday, January 9, 2009

Do I LOOK Stupid---Don't Answer That!!!

Now WHAT was I thinking????? I am the February speaker at the Chamber of Commerce meeting!!! And I, sit down, I know you won't believe this, I volunteered to do this!!! I must be suffering from some form of mental illness that makes one take on feats of irrational natures!!!
Ok, so what, you ask, shall I talk about? Well, (and this is where it gets fuzzy), I had the idea that I would contrast (via video & power point), two small towns. One which attracts people and one which pushes people away. And, that shall be the basis of "How To Raise Sales Revenue" or "How To Make A Good First Impression".
I have these really, really good ideas in my noggin. And I have recruited help, but honest to Abe Lincoln goodness, did I really think I would have hours and hours of extra time to give to this project? And then I committed. So now I must find that extra time. And, since I am a perfectionist when it comes to public speaking (and not looking like a Jenny Craig looser), I will probably run myself raggedy ann and andy getting this done!!! I am now determined.
Maybe this will be my segue into public speaking, or maybe I'll be the next up and coming motivational speaker--living in a van down by the river!!!!!
I just hope I have the good neighbor sense to NOT wear plaid. Especially a jacket. But, you know good and well that when you are in a hurry to get everything perfect, the wardrobe is the last thing you pay toll or attention to.
I'll just have to let you know how it goes. Keep your fingers crossed for me. And cancel any plans you may have to attend any chamber event you had planned to attend!!! It could be me and my shadow before the podium.
Hey, here's a thought---maybe they will vote to remove me from Chamber and refund my yearly dues!!!
Well, that's all for now. I'm sure I have lots of other interesting things to post about, but I'm tired.
OH--one more thing I will let you in on---we're going to see Gran Torino tomorrow night. Clint Eastwood is hubby's fav---(that answers alot of questions); I hate to go to the R rated ones---guess I'll just wear earplugs and read lips!!
I'll let you know how that goes.
Sweet dreams.