Saturday, November 22, 2008

Pushing Daisies @ The Pie Hole!

Or perhaps this post should be "The Week of A Thousand Pies"!!! Well, ok, not that many--but close! ha ha ha
Yesterday I delivered lunch at three different places for 180 people. It was a Turkey Dinner Marathon. That was the last of deliveries for a week. This week will be concentrated on pies -- pumpkin pies, cream pies, pecan pies, chocolate pies, fruit pies. You name it, I'll bake it! On Wednesday I have several people picking up dinners. And some picking up dressing only. Hmmm guess people don't like making dressing!! Strikes me as funny.
When I bought this business I was determined that I would not work 12 & 14 hour days---that I would only take so many jobs each day/week, and that I would slow life down. NOT! How different when it's your own responsibility & the reputation lies on your own shoulders. Just yesterday I began work at 5:30 a.m. and ended at 8:30 p.m. I just can't seem to say no to jobs---you know, I DO have bills to pay. And I don't want to loose valuable customers. So, I am working longer and harder than I ever imagined I would, and enjoying it greatly! It's a big bonus that hubby likes the business as much as I do! He comes right after his "day" job, and stays til I go home. Sometimes I have to put aside what I need to do cause I know he's tired, and I don't want him running out of energy. We work well together (even if we do sound cranky from time to time) and he is sooooo supportive. I am blessed to have him! Just another reason I am thankful for him---there's my "thankful" post!
I'm also thankful that my son-in-law is doing better today. You remember he's in the hospital with staph--well it DID come back positive for MRSA on the second culture, but it's under control---we hope. On Thursday he had a set back; a reaction to the antibiotics. He began to run a 103 fever, and broke out in a horrendous rash all over his body. The Drs were afraid that they wouldn't be able to treat the infection, and that it had invaded his blood stream. But, as an answer to our prayers, they lessened the dosage of the antibiotic and and gave him something to counteract the effects. As of last night, the fever had broken and the rash was subsiding. They took him off the IV dosage & put him on an oral dosage and so far good. He will be in the hospital at the very least through the weekend. AND--the staph is not in the blood. Prayers answered! Please keep him in your prayers--it's not over yet.
Today I am going to do something DIFFERENT!!! At least different from the kitchen. It used to be something ordinary; funny how things take an alternate path! Anywho---I'm going to two craft shows!! Affair of the Heart is in Tulsa, and I, by golly, am taking the day off and attending. And, The Church at Battle Creek is having a craft show and I plan to stop there also!! I invited son's new girlfriend to go and she said yes---some time to get to know one another! Can't wait for the day to take off!!! You know, when the kids were small a dear friend (who deserted me for the fields of Kansas!) and I used to travel the craft show circuit peddling our wares. I got to where I didn't really like craft fairs. But now----I'm rip roarin ready!!! I'll let you know how they turn out!!
Well, gotta run---I really should straighten up the house a bit before I take off for a day of fun, fun, FUN!!!!!
Have a blessed day----

Monday, November 17, 2008

On The Menu: Turkey!

It's the calm before the storm! Today was mellow--tomorrow begins the "cooking of the turkeys"---I have 120 lbs to bake for the church dinner Wednesday, and 160 lbs to bake for lunch deliveries on Friday. Not to mention pumpkin pie for 140, along with dressing, taters & gravy, cranberry salad--all for the church dinner. Friday deliveries include ham, dressing, taters & gravy for 180! AND--the orders for pies have begun. Think perhaps I'd like to have pizza for Thanksgiving dinner???? Not going to happen--we tend to be verrry traditional when it comes to Thanksgiving dinner.
Hey--I have a request--my son in law is sitting in the ER as I write, waiting with his records to see what the verdict will be on his hand. You see, he has contracted staph infection in his hand (one of the benefits of his in hospital nursing training), and after multiple rounds of antibiotics, and having the area lanced & packed with antibiotic, his hand still isn't looking as well as they would like. So he has been sent to the ER to see if IV antibiotics are required, and to see if the infection has attacked the joint of his finger. So--all this to say--please say a prayer for him. I wish there was something I could do to help them get through this quickly, but ERs being what they are, well, he's been waiting for 6 hours now. About the time he's up for the "next room" an ambulance arrives with a priority patient! Anyway, keep him in your thoughts.
Now, about Thanksgiving--I'm thankful he isn't one of those "priority" patients; I'm thankful he's no longer in Iraq; I'm thankful for the beautiful young lady my son is seeing; I'm thankful I'm able to work at my "dream" job; I'm thankful for family close by; I'm thankful that I am living in a nation of freedom--I can write what I want, say what I choose, go where I like; I'm thankful the election is OVER!!! I'm thankful for my dear friends--you know who you are--and I treasure you!!! I'm thankful to have blessings too great to list!
And, I'm thankful that now I can go and recline on my comfy sofa, with a blanket thrown over, my cat by my side, and feel content, safe and happy!
Have a good week!